Change default Wayland branches to 'main'

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at
Thu Apr 8 16:09:43 UTC 2021

On Thursday 2021-04-08 16:04, Daniel Stone wrote:
>On Thu, 8 Apr 2021 at 14:02, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
>>On Thursday 2021-04-08 13:20, Daniel Stone wrote:
>>>following the leads of e.g. GitHub and GitLab, [...]
>>>I propose that we do this for all the wayland/* repositories, either this weekend or next; I'm happy
>>>to make the changes (rename 'master' to 'main' and retarget all open MRs). Does anyone have any
>>>opinions or suggestions?
>>That could be offensive to some people. Some might even be offended by not
>>being offended.
>I had hoped that 'serious suggestions' was implicit

Part of the argument that Github/SFC made was inclusiveness, which is
readily debunked, and when the hypocrisy is pointed out, one gets
waved off as unserious. That's unserious in itself and shows quite a
double standard.

The serious suggestion is: try leaving it as is, save all parties the
retargeting mess, and concentrate on continued software development.

Not to mention that there isn't even a need to retarget, because you
can simply have two branches with the same commit state. Work off MRs
as time permits, and eventually all MRs to master are done, at which
point the ref can be removed.

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