Taiwins 0.3 is out

Sichem Zhou sichem.zh at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 13:24:07 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I am glad to announce that Taiwins 0.3 is released today. It has been
a year since Taiwins 0.1 release, we have migrated from libweston and
wlroots. This version, Taiwins has implemented enough compositor
features. The biggest change in the version is the libtaiwins library
is finally ready for daily use.

- Multiple backends for hardware abstraction(DRM, X11, wayland).
- Rendering context with exposed interface for custom rendering.
- Abstracting xdg-surface , wl_shell_surface and xwayland_surface for
unified desktop interface.
- session handling.
- All essential and many useful wayland protocols.
- Xwayland support.

With those features supported, libtaiwins now becomes a real
alternative outsides wlroots and libweston. Besides, I’d like to point
out some design goals were kept in mind when crafting taiwins since
day 1.

- split GBM buffer management from DRM mode setting, make it possible
to implement other   buffer management backends.

- builtin support for multi-GPUs from day one.
- udev events monitoring for runtime GPU events handling.
- separate rendering logic from backends, make it possible to work
with different renderers.

It is a magical thing to be able to use your own created compositor,
it is certainly not easy, but I think right now the most difficult
time is behind us. The next version of taiwins will focus on the
rendering. Features hopefully will land includes:

- xdg-decoration support
- plane assignment in drm backend
- video recording feature
- taiwins shell functionalities

For people who are interested, https://taiwins.org hosts many useful
documentations and a tutorial on how to use libtaiwins.



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