Absolute mouse position retrieval

Jesse Van Gavere jesse.vangavere at scioteq.com
Mon Dec 6 07:02:26 UTC 2021

For a device we're making, it's necessary to have a daemon running on servers which frequently polls the absolute mouse location and transmits this to our device, this is a necessary feature to have correct operation of our device.
The problem we're running into is that on an old OS this will work without issue as X allows us to easily poll the absolute position of a mouse pointer, however under Wayland this is not possible and our customers will be moving to these (I know they can fall back to X but we're assuming they'll move to Wayland when upgrading) I've seen posts that said mouse position retrieval/warping is not present because it's a security risk.
Are there any plans to add support for this after all or is there any way to add necessary support to get this functionality working again?


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