weston crashing when no HDMI connection

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Fri Dec 10 20:38:59 UTC 2021

Hi Rusty,

On Fri, 10 Dec 2021 at 20:38, Rusty Howell <Rusty.Howell at snapone.com> wrote:
> We are working on an embedded linux device built using Yocto (dunfell).   We have weston running and we are seeing our QT5 application running as well.  One problem we are having is that our application is crashing weston if the application is started when there is no active HDMI connection.  We see the error message "The Wayland connection broke. Did the Wayland compositor die?". We also see weston restart.
> I have a smaller QT demo app with just a few controls, and that seems to work just fine. Launching it while there is no HDMI connection does not seem to affect weston at all. Is this a known issue with weston?  Has anyone seen similar issues with Qt5 and weston?

This definitely isn't a known issue.

However, if you are using a vendor BSP (e.g. NXP), they may have
substantially forked and changed Weston. In most cases, these bugs are
introduced by the vendor changes. If this is the case, please seek
support from your vendor, as unfortunately we can't support those


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