CFP FOSDEM22 Graphics DevRoom

Luc Verhaegen libv at
Fri Dec 17 21:17:51 UTC 2021


After a hiatus in 2021, the upcoming FOSDEM will have a graphics DevRoom 
again. This time round on a sunday, the 6th of February 2022.

As usual, the focus of this DevRoom is:
* Graphics drivers: from display to media to 3d drivers, both in kernel 
  or userspace. Be it part of DRM, KMS, V4L, (direct)FB, Xorg, Mesa...
* Input drivers: kernel and userspace.
* Windowing systems: X, Wayland, Mir, directFB, ...
* Low level toolkit stuff
* Low level machine learning.
* Colour management.
* ...

FOSDEM '22 is sadly a virtual event again. While a virtual FOSDEM lacks 
all the wonderful madness of a real life FOSDEM, it does have the 
advantage of not having to deal with travel and accomodation, the 
physics of humans trundling around a big university campus, or a 


Time slots will be the usual 25/50 minute talk length, you are free to 
fill this time up as you see fit, but you might want to reserve 5 
minutes for Q&A. I expect there to be 8h available for scheduling.

Since there are no travel accomodations to deal with, and there are no 
people who physically need to get from one end of the ULB campus to the 
other, and there are no 5000+ booklets to be printed, there is no first 
come, first serve requirement this year round. But the other side of 
that coin is that talks can be hard dropped from the devroom managers' 
side until very late in the process if anything is not in order.

Hard talk submission deadline: 30th of december, 23:59UTC.

Further info on when a talk video should be finished to fit in the 
FOSDEM infrastructure will follow, but expect somewhere between january 
16th and 23rd, 3-2 weeks before the event. Again, more details will 

Talk submission and review panel:
Arkadiusz Hiler (ivyl)
Luc Verhaegen (libv)
Martin Ruokala (mupuf)

Successful submitters will receive an email with further information on 
the 31st, as it's not as if I will have anything better to do given that 
mini-me will have been stabbed only once by then ;)


Since FOSDEM has had to flash migrate to virtual last year, no further 
work was sadly done to replace or fix pentabarf, a tool originally made 
to create the fancy FOSDEM booklet, so its pent-up-clunkiness has to be 
used again, especially since it actually works :)

Re-use your accounts from the previous years. If you have forgotten your 
password, then you can reset it here:

Here are the basic requirements before we consider a talk worth 

On your personal page:
* General:
  * First Name
  * Last Name
  * Nickname
  * Public Name
  * Image
* Contact:
  * Contact email address
* Biography:
  * Short Biography

On your event page:
* On the General page:
  * Event title
  * Event subtitle.
  * Track: Graphics Devroom
* Persons:
  * Add yourself as speaker.
* Abstract:
  * Short abstract

Unlike IRL events with a booklet, you should be able to tweak this 
information pretty much until you are finished with your talk.

That's it, hope to see your submission in penta, and your talk at 

Luc Verhaegen.

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