[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.16.5

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Wed Feb 24 01:16:28 UTC 2021

libinput 1.16.5 is now available. This will be the last 1.16.x release now
that 1.17.0 is out.

The usual collection of device-specific quirks to (primarily) adjust
pressure threshods on various touchpads. Please see the git shortlog for

Blaž Hrastnik (1):
      Match all Surface (Pro/Laptop/Book) devices.

Gablegritule (1):
      quirks: add pressure ranges for the Dell Latitude E5510 TouchPad

Gary Wolfe (1):
      Dell touchpad was too sensitive with default settings

Jef Driesen (1):
      quirks: add quirk for Dell XPS 15 9500 touchpad

Peter Hutterer (3):
      quirks: disable pressure on the Lenovo Yoga 9i touchpad
      gitlab CI: run the scan-build analysis jobs in script
      libinput 1.16.5

git tag: 1.16.5

SHA256: 42d404af037a0dcc9dee7a1ab0a8e53cec0b62902fc4a262e5be9d2b7452c214  libinput-1.16.5.tar.xz
SHA512: b2fdd87375cbd5b212f76cefedfaa146966dde1d5e5d566beadd3167749dc3667214946178b157fa4b44360dc6b86a25ffb0356049cdf5a57d0fa2b8e3fcb1e9  libinput-1.16.5.tar.xz
PGP:  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/libinput/libinput-1.16.5.tar.xz.sig

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