Re: Dell Totem support / libinput bug: Event for missing capability CAP_POINTER on device "Advanced Silicon S.A. CoolTouch® System System Multi Axis"

Max Maischein corion at
Mon May 17 09:00:15 UTC 2021

Hi Peter,
> best to file an issue against libinput, debugging over email is pretty
> terrible.

Filed as

>> Is there anything more I can do to help? I'd really like to use the
>> totem as a secondary mouse/tool, but so far, it "only" gets detected as
>> a primary mouse (without configuration or anything, so that's really
>> great already).
> fwiw, if the device is indeed detected as totem, then you can't do...
> anything. The totem is a tablet tool and exposed as such - without
> client-side support to map that tool into something else you cannot use it
> for anything (that would require compositor, wayland and toolkit support).
> And the amount of effort required to add bimanual interaction to
> applications is, let's just say "nontrivial" :)

This is mostly as a toy, so I'll play around with writing my own client,
but if there is anything I can do to test etc., just tell me - I'm happy
to do (bi-)manual testing :)


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