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Tue Oct 5 19:57:06 UTC 2021

Formal greetings everyone!! :)

My name is Gregory Cohen.

I am looking for developers to work on this new project with me.

I have recently joined certain mailing lists, and I am looking to get the
word out. There is no readme file yet, but I explain everything here, so
don't get mad :)

Feel free to ask me any questions about anything anytime.

My email is gregorycohen2 at

Some pictures

With Compiz

Program is downloadable at

(FOR_SHOW folder includes scripts and binaries (non-malicious), everything
can be recompiled)

Emerald-browser (a radical new web browser, working prototype exists, BSD
licensed (I could change this to GPL))


Not bothersome (person shouldn't be bothered by anything)
Full control
To be fully written in C += 2

 * Uses the same engine as Chrome, with QWebEngine

Ubuntu and fedora have packages

emerald-browser [number of terminals, default 1]

C += 2 compiler is called "g+". It's a wrapper for g++


g+ foo.cpp -O3 -Wall -Wextra -o foo

Example C += 2 program


puts("Hello world")


(No need for #includes)

g+ is written in Ruby. It could be ported to Crystal


1. Make g+ work better

It doesn't support classes, structs or namespaces currently

You can always #include C++ or C files though

C += 2 is, and always will be a PREPROCESSOR FOR MODERN C++. IT CAN DO

Some things I want to implement

These should be a single unary option buton, like what GNOME 40 or Chrome
In that, there should be many options. Maybe even things like Update System
There should be a close button for panes.
The source code should be tidied up, but please don't clutter it with too
much OOP.
Currently, everything gets googled. There could be a cache of some kind.
Everything you would want to do on your computer, should be doable in this
program. Currently, it makes a full-screen widget.

If there could be a Compiz cube for tabs, that would be really interesting.

There was a program that converted Chrome tabs to a filesystem extension.
Maybe   something like this could be added.

Port to Mac.

Port to Windows??? No Terminal then

Port to FreeBSD

Would need to work for certain in X and Wayland

open should be improved

To open tabs, do

open [query1] [query2?]... (number of Google results per query to show in


open 'ruby talk' 'ruby docs' 3

That would open 3 google results for ruby talk, and 3 google results for
ruby docs

Googler is used to search google. Googler is automatically installed.

Googler is written in python

* This browser should be as fast or faster than Chrome.

* Downloads don't currently work
* Fullscreen doesn't currently work
* Opening pages in new tabs doesn't currently work
* You currently can't close tabs, only open them
* The simplest way to close the browser currently is killall emerald-browser
* Add signal and slot to close program when window closes. This doesn't
currently happen.

Back and forward buttons should be added, somewhere.

Currently, you can right click, and do navigation

A way to type in addresses manually should be added.

Currently, you can do echo 'open [full url]' > /tmp/emerald-browser-fifo

Doing echo open /home/' > /tmp/emerald-browser-fifo should work

* Multiple instances needs to work

* Want installation to be super simple. Download a binary

* Let's get a fully functional browser, THEN care about packaging

If there could be a flip 3d for tabs, that would be cool

There's an interesting cover flow widget for Qt. Maybe that could be useful.

Are you interested in collaborating?

If you can help in any way, please send me a message :)


Gregory David Evan Cohen

gregorycohen2 at
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