Is there any example to write a wayland desktop app?

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> Hi,
>    I just want to write a library. Qt is good enough to be used to write
> an excellent app, but that's not my purpose. I now study wayland at "
>". And I need a good example to
> get start. Even though the menu, popup and mdi are basic elements, they are
> the foundation of almost every apps.

MDI concept is really outdated- it is windows'ism from XX century.

Right now even ms is using TABbed interface where every tav can be

Thank you.

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> Hi,
> On Thu, Oct 21, 2021, 03:08 mx <mxmxmx0429 at> wrote:
>> Hey,
>>    I want to write a GUI library like QT. And I want to directly use
>> wayland and cairo/opengl. I can't find any good wayland app with menu,
>> popup menu, and mdi. Can you give me some recommendation?
> Why not use Qt?
> Its already been ported to Wayland AFAIK...
> Thank you.
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