Is there any example to write a wayland desktop app?

M Stoeckl wayl at
Mon Oct 25 04:43:35 UTC 2021

> I just want to write a library. Qt is good enough to be
> used to write an excellent app, but that's not my purpose. I now
> study wayland at "". And I
> need a good example to get start. Even though the menu, popup and mdi
> are basic elements, they are the foundation of almost every apps.

Weston does have a fairly simple toolkit that it uses for its test
clients, which supports popup menus, but doesn't provide much more
than a window frame, and an abstract widget framework; definitely not
a multiple-document interface. Because I haven't actually used it
myself, or looked very much at its source code, I cannot say whether
this "Toytoolkit" would be a _good_ example for your purposes.

Toytoolkit uses Cairo for rendering, and much of its source code
is spread over the following files.

Some of the more interesting clients that use this toolkit:

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