Requests For Proposals for hosting XDC 2023 are now open

Lyude Paul lyude at
Tue Apr 26 18:36:44 UTC 2022

Hello everyone!

The board is soliciting proposals to host XDC in 2023. Since
XDC 2022 is being held in North America this year, XDC 2023 is expected
to be in Europe. However, the board is open to other locations,
especially if there's an interesting co-location with another

If you're considering hosting XDC, we've assembled a wiki page with
what's generally expected and needed:

When submitting your proposal, please make sure to include at least the
key information about the potential location in question, possible
dates along with estimated costs. Proposals can be submitted to board
at until the deadline of *September 1st, 2022*. 

Additionally, an quirk early heads-up to the board if you're
considering hosting would be appreciated, in case we need to adjust the
schedule a bit. Also, earlier is better since there generally will be a
bit of Q&A with organizers.

And if you just have some questions about what organizing XDC entails,
please feel free to chat with previous organizers, or someone from the

Best regards,
	Lyude Paul
On behalf of

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