Window positions under wayland

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Mon Aug 8 11:10:39 UTC 2022

On 08/08/2022 09:05, JiDe Zhang wrote:
> Hi:
> Is it that more people think that not allowed the window to set their 
> position is better? I think that Wayland is better than X11 In this 
> regard. It is correct to not let the window be set position, But some 
> people will have doubts, because their know that some windows need to 
> set their own position. We should pay attention to these needs and 
> analyze what is the real reason their need for this interface,

It is entirely understandable for the designers of applications and 
application toolkits to be surprised they don't have the control they 
have in other windowing systems (X11, Windows, whatever). For decades 
they've been used to deciding where their windows go. Trusting the 
compositor to do that is a surprise.

But in the real world, they have to conform to a small number idioms 
that users recognise, and supporting those is very possible without 
allowing "full control". We've done some work on classifying these 
idioms for Mir and there's a presentation of our findings here:

The tl;dr is that most of the idioms (regular windows, dialogs, menus, 
popus, tooltips, hovers, satellites, toolboxes) are already supported 
and there's no fundamental problem extending the existing approach used 
by Wayland to cover others. (Most of the support needed can be cut & 
paste from other idioms.)
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