[ANNOUNCE] weston 10.0.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Tue Aug 9 20:11:11 UTC 2022

This is the alpha release for Weston 11.0.0.

Full commit history below.

Brenton DeGeer (1):
      rdp: Allow specifying a listener fd on the command line

Daniel Stone (186):
      backend-drm: Rewrite zpos-sorting list insertion
      backend-drm: Pre-sort plane list by zpos
      backend-drm: Assign plane_idx by plane list order
      backend-drm: Don't try to use planes without GBM
      backend-drm: Don't try to steal other-output special planes
      backend-drm: Don't try to import SHM buffers as drm_fb
      backend-drm: Early-out for cursor plane format testing
      backend-drm: Early-out for too-large SHM/cursor buffers
      backend-drm: Early-out for non-SHM buffers in renderer-only mode
      backend-drm: Don't try cursor buffers for client planes
      backend-drm: Minor comment rewording
      backend-drm: Remove separate zpos_plane list
      backend-drm: Move cursors_are_broken test earlier
      backend-drm: Move renderer-only vs. scanout_plane test earlier
      backend-drm: Move plane-type-specific checks to switch statement
      backend-drm: Change cursor checks to asserts
      backend-drm: Move overlay vs. primary plane check earlier
      backend-drm: Don't try non-fullscreen views on the primary plane
      backend-drm: Remove unnecessary check in prepare_scanout_view
      backend-drm: Move IN_FENCE_FD check to common code
      backend-drm: Remove unused enum
      backend-drm: Remove unnecessary check for fb
      backend-drm: Don't take buffer-release reference for cursor views
      backend-drm: Unify overlay/primary view->plane code
      backend-drm: Pass paint node through to plane_state find
      backend-drm: Add more view-to-plane failure states
      debug: Show client PID in debug protocol stream
      tests: Add dependency on screenshooter client protocol
      compositor: Fix harmless potential buffer overflow
      pixel-formats: Add XYUV8888 format
      desktop-shell: Explicitly destroy black views on shutdown
      shell: Rename solid_color_surface to weston_curtain
      shell: Rename weston_solid_color_surface to weston_curtain_params
      shell: Move weston_curtain_create params into the struct
      shell: Add alpha to weston_curtain_create
      desktop-shell: Fix opaque region co-ordinate confusion
      desktop-shell: Remove redundant geometry dirty call
      desktop-shell: Clean up fullscreen black view code
      shell: Make input capture optional for curtains
      desktop-shell: Reuse curtains for focus animations
      shell: Encapsulate weston_curtain in its own struct
      desktop-shell: Reuse curtains for fades
      Move shell-utils to its own directory
      test/desktop-shell: Use weston_curtain
      fullscreen-shell: Link with shell-utils helpers
      fullscreen-shell: Use weston_curtain for black view
      gl-renderer: Remove unnecessary dmabuf conditional
      gl-renderer: Remove outdated comment
      renderer: Add buffer to flush_damage
      gl-renderer: Drop unnecessary NULL check
      renderers: Set buffer properties earlier
      gl-renderer: Reject unknown-format dmabufs
      gl-renderer: Add hook to fill weston_buffer for EGL
      weston_buffer: Add type field
      weston_buffer: Make use of weston_buffer->type
      weston_buffer: Add pixel format and modifier info
      weston_buffer: Change y_inverted to explicit origin enum
      gl-renderer: Simplify surface->is_opaque
      scene-graph: Use weston_buffer's format/modifier info to print
      weston_buffer: Print more buffer information in scene-graph
      backend-drm: Make use of weston_buffer format and type
      drm-backend: Refactor unpleasant keep_buffer if tree
      backend-drm: More failure reasons
      weston_buffer: Prepare for buffer to outlive resource
      gl-renderer: Prepare for buffer to outlive resource
      weston_buffer: Hold lifetime for resource/backend usage
      weston_buffer: Add mode to weston_buffer_reference
      weston_buffer: Separate buffer release from lifetime
      compositor: Downgrade rather than drop buffer reference when copied
      weston_buffer: Add solid buffer type
      gl-renderer: Support solid-colour weston_buffers
      pixman-renderer: Support solid-colour weston_buffers
      noop-render: Allow solid-color buffers
      backend-drm: Remove Pixman conditional for keep_buffer
      backend-drm: Handle solid-colour buffers in state propose
      shell: Explicitly use solid weston_buffers
      libweston: Remove weston_surface_set_color
      desktop-shell: Delete Exposay
      libweston: Move renderer interface to internal header
      gl-renderer: Split buffer state away from surface state
      gl-renderer: Change surface_set_color to attach_solid
      gl-renderer: Move EGL buffer error checks into attach_egl
      gl-renderer: Don't leak EGLImages on import fail
      gl-renderer: Add return value to attach handlers
      gl-renderer: Convert attach to flat-return style
      gl-renderer: Remove extraneous parameters from attach
      gl-renderer: Shift buffer reference later in attach
      gl-renderer: Make attach_shm return early on cache hit
      gl-renderer: Remove gl_buffer_state.height
      gl-renderer: Remove gl_buffer_state.y_inverted
      gl-renderer: Clarify comment
      gl-renderer: Don't match texture width to input pitch
      gl-renderer: Remove gl_buffer_state.buffer_type
      renderer: Remove get_content_size hook
      renderer: Set surface->is_opaque in the core
      gl-renderer: Don't modify buffer_state in attach
      weston_buffer: Move direct_display out of gl-renderer
      gl-renderer: Store EGL buffer state in weston_buffer
      gl-renderer: Remove unused dmabuf import_type
      gl-renderer: Store dmabuf buffer state in weston_buffer
      gl-renderer: Cache gl_buffer_state on the weston_buffer
      gl-renderer: Delete egl_image wrapper
      gl-renderer: Allocate textures per-buffer, not per-surface
      pixel-formats: Add GL types for 16bpc formats
      gl-renderer: Use ARRAY_COPY for buffer state
      gl-renderer: Ensure SHM buffer format stays the same
      gl-renderer: Move GL compatibility workarounds out of per-format
      gl-renderer: Use pixel-formats GL format for single-planar formats
      gl-renderer: Remove unsupported-SHM-format fallback
      gl-renderer: Use DRM format codes instead of SHM
      pixel-formats: Rename addfb_legacy_depth
      pixel-formats: Fill in bpp everywhere
      gl-renderer: Use pixel-formats data for RGB formats
      pixel-formats: Add hsub and vsub helpers
      gl-renderer: Use vsub for y offset in SHM
      gl-renderer: Use hsub and vsub from pixel-formats
      gl-renderer: Add support for WL_SHM_FORMAT_YUV444
      gl-renderer: Remove useless texture_type enum
      pixel-formats: Add internal-only format flag
      pixel-formats: Add R8 and GR88
      gl-renderer: Get YUV plane count from pixel-formats
      gl-renderer: Get YUV subsampling from pixel-formats
      gl-renderer: Remove special-cased YUV SHM formats
      gl-renderer: Add comment for yuv_format_descriptor
      gl-renderer: Don't use TEXTURE_EXTERNAL for multi-planar formats
      gl-renderer: Fix plane count for legacy YUV420 images
      gl-renderer: Use common value for maximum plane index
      clients: Delete gears
      Add weston_surface_has_content()
      xdg-shell: Use weston_surface_has_content()
      desktop-shell: Use weston_surface_has_content()
      data-device: Use weston_surface_has_content()
      libweston: Use weston_surface_has_content() in core compositor
      libweston: Add weston_surface_map() wrapper
      desktop-shell: Map surfaces in map()
      weston-curtain: Always mark surface as mapped
      test-desktop-shell: Mark weston_curtain views as mapped
      xdg-shell: Mark xdg_popup surfaces as mapped
      compositor: Only create paint nodes for mapped surfaces/views
      desktop-shell: Remove multiple workspace support
      scene-graph: Print when surface/view is not mapped
      kiosk-shell: Don't link desktop-shell protocols
      Move libweston-desktop into libweston
      noop-renderer: weston_buffer properties are set by the core
      noop-renderer: Make sure buffer access doesn't get optimised out
      tests: Use test-desktop-shell for devices-test
      backend-wayland: Don't leak parent output trackers
      backend-drm: Don't leak drm_device on shutdown
      toytoolkit: Delete remnants of EGL support
      weston-terminal: Fix some egregious memory leaks
      weston-terminal: Make exit path a little more obvious
      weston-terminal: Don't leak Cairo fonts
      cairo-util: Don't leak Pango objects
      cairo-util: Clean up more Cairo detritus; almost all of it
      safe-signal-test: Fix leak
      subsurface-shot-test: Don't leak replaced buffer
      tests: Don't leak args when skipping tests
      xwayland: Refactor argument string construction
      CI: Skip certain fontconfig leaks
      CI: Disable ASan fast unwinding for suppressions
      CI: Never unload llvmpipe DSO whilst testing
      zuc: Delete support for forking tests
      tests: Use memstream for config-parser test
      tests: Check requirements after setting up args
      xwayland: Don't dup() displayfd pipe
      xwayland: Allow for old WM_NORMAL_HINTS
      xwayland: Add compositor destroy listener to free allocation
      process-util: Move Xwayland fork helpers to shared
      process-util: Assert we don't finalize twice
      custom-env: Prepare for handling args as well as environment
      custom-env: Add tests for environment handling
      custom-env: Add support for argument array
      custom-env: Add helper to parse combined env/arg strings
      desktop-shell: Use custom_env to launch panel clients
      xwayland: Use custom-env arg handling
      xwayland: Use os_socketpair_cloexec()
      wet_process: Rearrange fork() if tree to case statement
      wet_process: Use fdstr when executing clients
      wet_process: Inline child_client_exec()
      wet_process: Use custom_env when forking clients
      wet_process: Do not weston_log() after fork()
      build: Separate unstable and version for wayland-protocols
      Implement wp_single_pixel_buffer_v1 protocol
      libweston-desktop: Add shell capability queries
      xdg-shell: Implement xdg-shell v5 capabilities event
      libweston: Properly namespace solid_buffer_values

Derek Foreman (49):
      compositor: Remove desktop zoom
      launcher-logind: Remove systemd-logind support
      launchers: remove launchers
      launchers: Remove --tty option
      remove wl_shell
      backend-wayland: Stop supporting wl_shell
      xwayland: Simplify HAVE_XWAYLAND_LISTENFD usage
      rdp: Fix comment regarding meaning of 120
      compositor: Stop trapping SIGQUIT
      compositor: Use sigaction to trap SIGINT
      compositor: Launch clients in their own session
      desktop-shell: Fix incorrect use of black_surface_get_label
      rdp: Allow disabling RemoteFX codec
      rdp: Don't bother trying to pick an optimal keyboard model name
      desktop-shell: Check height instead of checking width a second time
      rdp: Make thread checks unconfigurable
      rdp: Fix some accidental style errors in new clipboard code
      rdp: Add audio support
      xwm: Fix pasting in some cases
      libweston-desktop/xwayland: Use correct geometry
      drm: Remove destroy listener from list when fired
      ci: Fix cobertura syntax
      shared/cairo-util: Hold onto our pattern reference until we're done
      rdp: Update to newer FreeRDP release
      rdp: Update to new FreeRDP structure layout
      rdp: Stop using deprecated functions
      xwayland: Set non zero default saved window size
      xwayland: Don't move window in response to geometry change if state changed
      xwayland: Update net_wm state when we change it.
      xwayland: Stop drawing shadows on maximized windows
      shared/frame: Provide a function to get decoration sizes and use it
      xwayland/window-manager: Add support for _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS
      shared: Make xalloc.h stand alone
      shells: Add libweston-desktop API to query position and add to shells
      libweston-desktop: Add get_position
      xwm: Prepare send_configurenotify for non-fullscreen use
      xwm: Generate more synthetic ConfigureNotify events
      xwayland: give Xwayland its own session
      compositor: Remove deprecated xwayland loading method
      compositor: Load xwayland module first
      rdp: Move peer list from output to backend
      xwayland: Only prevent focus change to inactive toplevels
      xwm: Don't send synthetic ConfigureNotify to windows that were mapped O-R
      compositor: Fix use after free at shutdown
      libweston: Don't move outputs during enable
      libweston: Check output placement
      libweston: Don't send output_changed signal when moving disabled outputs
      xwayland: Don't focus an already focused xwayland window
      xwm: Perform a roundtrip to send a deferred WM_TAKE_FOCUS

Dominique Martinet (1):
      xwayland: use -displayfd instead of USR1 to signal readiness

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
      simple-egl: clean up unused callback

Hideyuki Nagase (32):
      rdp: fix leak when listener implantation fails
      rdp: split off rdp.h
      input: Fix bug in idle inhibition
      xwayland: Honour the XCURSOR_THEME environment variable
      rdp: Improved rdp logging infrastructure
      rdp: add mouse input debug
      rdp: Fix up xf_extendedMouseEvent
      rdp: validate button state
      rdp: Calculate frame times from mode refresh rate
      rdp: Allow configuring the refresh rate
      rdp: refactor scrollwheel code
      rdp: Add high precision scrolling
      rdp: Add horizontal scroll support
      rdp: Add Persian keyboard map
      rdp: Fix Brazilian keyboard map
      rdp: Fix Farsi keyboard map
      rdp: change japanese keyboard input from kana to alphabetical
      rdp: refactor xkbRuleNames code
      rdp: Korean keyboard support
      rdp: Support using Japanese layouts with US keyboards
      rdp: sync keylocks on synchronize event
      rdp: Add hebrew standard layout
      rdp: Add US international keyboard layout
      rdp: Add cross thread work queues
      rdp: add virtual channel support
      rdp: Add clipboard redirection support
      rdp: Update cursor position on most mouse messages
      build: enable configuration of RDP backend as a default
      xwayland: support minimizing
      xwayland: Change layer for xwayland override redirect windows
      xwayland: Respect client WM_TAKE_FOCUS setting
      xwm: Change event mask for WM_TAKE_FOCUS

Ivan Nikolaenko (1):
      build: fix possible race/error for some backends

James Hilliard (1):
      protocol/meson.build: install content-protection protocol xml

James Le Cuirot (1):
      meson.build: Fix -Dbackend-default=auto following fbdev deprecation

Jonas Ådahl (1):
      compositor: Add support for wl_surface.offset()

Joshua Watt (1):
      libweston: Compute output protection when head is attached

Leandro Ribeiro (2):
      gitlab-ci: compile Linux image with support to VGEM
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: do not use buffer before compositor's response

Luigi Santivetti (3):
      gitlab-ci: build libdrm version 2.4.108 from source
      drm-backend: stop parsing IN_FORMATS blobs, use libdrm instead
      Revert "backend-drm: add HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA definitions"

Maciej Pijanowski (1):
      screen-share: use compositor->read_format with renderer->read_pixels()

Manuel Stoeckl (1):
      gl-renderer: add support for (a|x)bgr16161616 shm formats

Marek Vasut (1):
      screen-share: Name the seat "screen-share"

Marius Vlad (56):
      kiosk-shell: Check if app_ids have been set after initial commit
      kiosk-shell: Don't occlude shsurf on other outputs
      kiosk-shell: Favor out views on same output
      weston.ini.man: Clarify what startup-animation means
      meson.build: Bump libweston major version
      backend-drm/state-propose: Missing some newlines
      desktop-shell: Remove wl_shell_surface::resize enum
      weston-log: Extract helper for generating a time stamp
      libweston: Enable logging for libseat launcher
      pipewire,remoting,tests: Replace asprintf w/ str_printf
      touch-calibration: Clean-up if touch calibrator has been enabled
      screen-share: Start screen sharing even if no pointer is found
      screen-share: Add a compositor destroy listener
      screen-share: Avoid bit-shifting large values
      screen-share: Document that --no-config option should be passed
      desktop-shell: Avoid spurious configure events for xdg-shell activation
      pixman-renderer: Unref the pixman image when wl_shm_buffer is gone
      simple-egl: Add start as maximized
      libweston-desktop: Replace buffer with geometry
      simple-egl: Remove uneeded check
      simple-egl: Defer EGL surface/window creation
      simple-egl: Move set_fullscreen/set_maximized before initial commit
      desktop-shell: Refuse to set a surface to maximized
      libweston: Rename weston_surface_destroy() to weston_surface_unref()
      libweston: Assert if ref-count balance is wrong
      libweston, desktop-shell: Add a wrapper for weston_surface reference
      desktop-shell: Create a distinct view for the fade-out close anim
      desktop-shell: Rename destroy_layer functions
      desktop-shell: Migrate surface_unlink_view
      desktop-shell: Check for a valid desktop_surface
      desktop-shell: Clarify weston_view destruction at tear down
      noop-renderer: Remove volatile and use compiler attribute
      desktop-shell: Add missing weston_view_destroy()
      desktop-shell: Handle weston_curtain destruction
      backend-drm: Retrieve reason if dmabuf import failed
      backend-drm: Add GBM_BO_HANDLE as a failure reason
      gl-renderer: Ensure gl_buffer_state is present for direct-display
      shared/xcb-xwayland: Split into common helpers
      clients/window: Defer closing of window
      shared/xcb-xwayland: Add missing atoms
      weston-log: Fix documentation for weston_log_subscription_create
      docs/sphinx/doxygen.ini.in: Remove LaTeX generation
      doc/sphinx/doxygen.ini.in: Remove RTF generation
      doc/sphinx/doxygen.ini.in: Remove DOCBOOK_PROGRAMLISTING
      doc/sphinx/doxygen.ini.in: Remove CLASS_DIAGRAM
      backend-drm/state-propose: Amend an older comment
      libweston/compositor: Check whether flushing is allowed
      clients/window: Bump xdg-shell version to latest
      libweston: Remove runtime render switching
      compositor/text-backend: Avoid a potential UAF
      desktop-shell: Always update the shsurf's output to that of the view
      kiosk-shell: Enable debug keybindings
      desktops-shell: Re-use helper for modifier retrieval
      libweston/desktop/xdg-shell: Add tiled orientation states
      desktops-shell: Add tiled orientation support using key-bindings
      desktop-shell: Handle tiled orientation in various circumstances

Michael Olbrich (15):
      libweston: explicitly cancel start_drag if no matching input device is found
      ivi-shell: emit created notification earlier for desktop surfaces
      backend-drm: virtual: use the DRM fd from the fb
      compositor: set transform.opaque for surfaces without alpha channel
      compositor: improve opacity handling for scaled surfaces
      backend-drm: don't try to disable planes on session deactivation
      backend-drm: check that outputs are in fact ours
      backend-drm: check that outputs are in fact ours
      compositor: only reflow the outputs if the shell did not move them
      libweston: disable a pending idle_repaint_source when the output is removed
      compositor: destroy the layout after the compositor
      backend-drm: make sure all buffers are released when an output is removed
      libweston: don't reset the plane for views from other outputs
      backend-drm: improve atomic commit failure handling
      backend-drm: delay mode switches until the last commit is completed

Michael Tretter (17):
      backend-drm: always get pending_state from backend
      compositor: remove repaint_data from compositor
      backend-drm: use pixel format to print gbm format
      backend-drm: cleanup debugging
      backend-drm: extract device from backend
      backend-drm: pass device through atomic commit handler
      backend-drm: get the fb using the device instead of the backend
      backend-drm: make dma-buf feedback device specific
      backend-drm: attach device to pending state
      backend-drm: move drm objects from backend to drm device
      backend-drm: ignore heads from other devices
      backend-drm: handle hotplug events per drm device
      backend-drm: get the drm device from the output
      backend-drm: explicitly pass device to initialization
      ivi-shell: remove unused definition ivi_layout_screen
      ivi-shell: remove dysfunctional link
      doc: update and move IVI-shell README to doc

Michel Dänzer (1):
      clients/presentation-shm: Bind to xdg_wm_base version 1

Pekka Paalanen (127):
      tests: add rgb[] alias in color_float
      tests: use color_float rgb[] alias more
      shared: add WESTON_EXPORT_FOR_TESTS
      tests: make vertex-clip use WESTON_EXPORT_FOR_TESTS
      build: enable libseat support by default
      doc: expand on libseat via ssh
      doc: running on different seat with libseat
      tests: preserve ivi runner section
      include: drop unused config-parser.h types
      shared: fix WL_EXPORT style in config-parser.c
      tests: add get_double in config-parser tests
      man: move gbm-format from weston.ini(5) to weston-drm(7)
      man: move pageflip-timeout from weston.ini(5) to weston-drm(7)
      man: expand on gbm-format
      man: add gbm-format in output section
      man: replace tablet shell with kiosk shell
      libweston: remove fbdev backend
      man: clean up weston.ini mark-up
      man: add section delimiters in weston.ini
      libweston: introduce weston_eotf_mode
      backend-headless: support all EOTF modes
      color-noop: supports only SDR EOTF mode
      color-lcms: todo for eotf_mode
      backend-drm: add HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA definitions
      backend-drm: check for HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA
      backend-drm: program HDR_OUTPUT_METADATA
      compositor: add eotf-mode weston.ini option
      backend-drm: default to XRGB2101010 for HDR
      libweston: add struct weston_output_color_outcome
      color: simplify color manager API with weston_output_color_outcome
      color-lcms: refactor away setup_seach_param()
      gl-renderer: pass gr to gl_renderer_log_extensions()
      gl-renderer: move extension lists away from log
      gl_renderer: print more GL ES feature flags
      gl-renderer: add error messages for missing EGL platforms
      gl-renderer: log rendering device
      gl_renderer: log EGL features
      libweston: add basic output color characteristics API
      compositor: add color_characteristics weston.ini option
      libweston: add HDR metadata to weston_output
      color-lcms: color characteristics into HDR metadata
      tests: add color-metadata-parsing
      tests: add color-metadata-errors test
      backend-drm: move code to kms-color.c
      backend-drm: forward HDR metadata
      drm-backend: add color_outcome / HDR metadata serial
      gl-renderer: fix double-alloc of gl_buffer_state
      tests: delete the manual matrix-test
      libweston: remove UNIT_TEST
      tests: add matrix-test for CI
      build: drop unused option rdp-thread-check
      Revert "build: add test-gl-renderer option"
      gl-renderer: fix performance regression in frag
      build: consolidate lcms2 dependencies
      tests/color_util: protect header from re-reading
      tests/color_util: refactor into color_float_apply_curve()
      tests/color_util: refactor into color_float_apply_matrix()
      tests/color_util: streamline sRGB_linearize/delinearize
      tests/color_util: prettify arr_curves
      tests/color_util: add TRANSFER_FN_IDENTITY
      tests/color_util: add transfer_fn_invert()
      tests/color_util: add lcmsMAT3_invert()
      tests/color_util: add RGB diff stat
      tests/color_util: add transfer_fn_name()
      tests: add lcms-util with MPE curves
      tests/lcms_util: add SetTextTags()
      tests/color-shaper-matrix: fix realpath() leak
      tests/color-shaper-matrix: add ref image index
      tests: rename color-shaper-matrix-test.c to color-icc-output-test.c
      tests: rename shaper_matrix_and_cLUT to opaque_pixel_conversion
      tests/color-icc-output: move gen_ramp_rgb() in the file
      tests: remove skip() as unused
      tests: move set_opaque_rect() to client helpers
      backend-drm: set connector max bpc
      compositor: add weston.ini option max-bpc
      tests/color-icc-output: extract image-iter.h
      tests/client-helper: use image-iter.h
      tests: pass image_header to image_check_get_roi()
      tests/client-helper: use image_header_from() more
      tests/yuv-buffer: use image-iter.h for rgb_image
      tests/internal-screenshot: use image-iter.h
      tests/alpha-blend: use image-iter.h
      gl-renderer: call it view_alpha in frag
      gl-renderer: move undo-premult to color_pipeline()
      gl-renderer: simplify main() in frag
      tests/alpha-blending: move unpremult to color_util
      tests: change rgb_diff_stat printing
      tests/color_util: constify *_stat_update()
      tests: add scalar_stat dumps
      tests/color_util: make rgb_diff_stat pos explicit
      tests: add rgb_diff_stat dumps
      tests/color_util: doc rgb_diff_stat and scalar_stat
      tests/alpha-blending: replace compare_float() with rgb_diff_stat
      tests/alpha-blending: use two_norm tolerance
      tests/color-icc-output: compare_float() to rgb_diff_stat
      tests/color-icc-output: use two-norm tolerance
      tests/color_util: expose color_float_apply_curve()
      tests/color-icc-output: add blending test
      compositor: deprecate cms-static and cms-colord plugins
      compositor: fix shutdown when xwayland failed to start
      Revert "xwayland: Don't dup() displayfd pipe"
      xwayland: move config reading up
      xwayland: do not weston_log() after fork()
      shared: fcntl uses int, not long
      shared: introduce os_fd_clear_cloexec()
      xwayland: do not snprintf() after fork()
      xwayland: use pipe2()
      xwayland: use execv()
      xwayland: do not use setenv() after fork()
      xwayland: do not check execve() return value
      README: drop note about a cairo build option
      ivi-shell: replace MEM_ALLOC() with mostly xcalloc()
      shared: rewrite fail_on_null() as abort_oom_if_null()
      clients/simple-touch: use xzalloc() for buffer
      shared/xalloc.h: do not rely on zalloc()
      README: establish no-malloc-failures policy
      pixman-renderer: let pixman allocate shadow
      backend-headless: let pixman allocate the image
      backend-headless: choose pixel format by drm_fourcc
      backend-wayland: restructure wayland_output_resize_surface()
      backend-x11: use shorthand for current_mode
      fullscreen-shell: fix black output
      libweston: add pixel_format_get_info_by_pixman()
      screen-share: use read_format consistently
      libweston: change read_format to struct pixel_format_info
      gl-renderer: use pixel_format_info in read_pixels
      backend-wayland: fix pixman buffer size

Philipp Zabel (9):
      libweston: add opaque backend_id pointer to struct weston_head
      backend-drm: prepare virtual output API for heterogeneous outputs
      backend-drm: check that outputs and heads are in fact ours
      backend-headless: check that outputs and heads are in fact ours
      backend-rdp: check that outputs and heads are in fact ours
      backend-wayland: check that outputs and heads are in fact ours
      backend-x11: check that outputs and heads are in fact ours
      libweston: consolidate weston_compositor_create_output(_with_head)
      compositor: stop creating outputs without head

Robert Mader (19):
      libweston/compositor: Cache buffer damage for synced subsurfaces
      tests: Add test for synced subsurfaces and buffer damage
      libweston/compositor: Do not map subsurfaces without buffer
      tests: Add test for subsurfaces mapping hierachies
      clients/simple-dmabuf-*: Increase buffer limit to four
      pixel-formats: Add support for 64bbp float RGB formats
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: Add fallback print method for unknown formats
      backend-drm: Add failure reasons for failing gbm_bo_import
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: use time instead of redraws
      libweston/linux-dmabuf: create surface feedback on demand
      libweston: Silence compiler warning
      rdp: Silence compiler warning
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: Support multi-tranche feedbacks
      clients/simple-dmabuf-*: Use gbm_bo_create_with_modifiers2
      clients/simple-egl: Use INT32_MAX for opaque region
      clients/simple-egl: Rename buffer_size to buffer_bpp
      clients/simple-egl: Rename geometry to buffer_size
      clients/simple-egl: Handle buffer scale and transform
      clients/simple-egl: Fix angle reset on benchmark interval

Simon Ser (6):
      build: re-open main for regular development
      clients: drop weston-info
      build: add Meson fallback for wayland-protocols
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: use presentation-time
      clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: prettify output
      build: bump to version 10.0.91 for the alpha release

Sören Meier (1):
      libbacklight: Fix backlight never gets initialized

Takuro Ashie (1):
      Don't send compositor's global key bindings to the input method

Thomas Petazzoni (1):
      compositor/main.c: use pixman renderer by default when gl-renderer not enabled

Veeresh Kadasani (1):
      man: Document available debug bindings.

Vitaly Prosyak (15):
      libweston: add definition of color mapping function
      gl-renderer: add declaration of color mapping function
      gl-renderer: shaders implementation of color mapping function
      color-lcms: introduce cmlcms_category, EOTF and INV EOTF
      color-lcms: add wrapper API for refcounting cmlcms_color_profile
      color-lcms: introduce sRGB stock profile
      color-lcms: add new fields for transform search parameter
      color-lcms: add matches parameters based on category
      color-lcms: linearization of an arbitrary color profile
      color-lcms: LCMS transform for color mapping
      tests: shared color processing functions
      tests: color shaper-matrix test
      color-lcms: Always use cmsContext for LCMS API which has THR suffix
      tests/color-shaper-matrix: prepare for cLUT type profiles
      tests/color-shaper-matrix: add creation and usage cLUT profiles

Weng Xuetian (1):
      Defer launch input method with wl_event_loop_add_idle.

nerdopolis (2):
      clients/desktop-shell: Add a displayname= option for launchers
      launcher-logind: Don't check wl->vtnr before returning it.

shierote (1):
      libweston: correct argument name in the handler of wl_data_source.accept

git tag: 10.0.91

SHA256: b3e4b2ab86432a8a967c39c7213b89840d3c474717bd96337cf639b5b471b9dd  weston-10.0.91.tar.xz
SHA512: 33e7975e48dc003e41d0fab7f719adb2cb975dcca89f879abcca5f9bd8bc52956c8a61f0ba14692f3f403e9ea878bb581ff96b0e243b122183478a40016ff438  weston-10.0.91.tar.xz
PGP:    https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/-/releases/10.0.91/downloads/weston-10.0.91.tar.xz.sig

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