[ANNOUNCE] libei 0.4.1

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Fri Dec 9 10:13:00 UTC 2022

libei 0.4.1 is now available. This time with the tag pointing to the
right commit. See below for the 0.4 announcement below which has all the
interesting bits.

On Fri, Dec 09, 2022 at 03:15:30PM +1000, Peter Hutterer wrote:
> libei 0.4 is now available. libei is a library to send
> Emulated Input (EI) to a matching Emulated Input Server (EIS) which can
> receive those events with libeis, also part of this project.
> libei uses GitLab releases, for tarballs please see:
> https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libinput/libei/-/releases/0.4.1
> Notable changes since 0.3:
> - ei_setup_backend_portal() was removed. The portal it connected to never
>   really existed and all the efforts since have gone into supporting libei
>   connections through the RemoteDesktop and the InputCapture portals. Note
>   that these changes are not yet merged into upstream xdg-desktop-portal.
> - a new library "liboeffis" takes the place of the above. It is a helper
>   library to connect to the RemoteDesktop portal via DBus with a minimal API
>   and retrieve the EIS socket.
>   This library is intended to be used by tools that cannot easily talk DBus
>   themselves (this includes Xwayland).
> - the libei/libeis log handlers have a new API which makes handling log
>   messages a bit simpler.
> - version exchange between client/server make it possible (in the future) to
>   have multiple supported protocol versions.
> This is a development snapshot and neither API nor ABI should be considered
> stable. Anyone using libei or libeis must keep both in sync, there are no
> accommodations made for libei/libeis from different versions and the wire
> protocol may break at any time.
> Please see the API documentation here:
> https://libinput.pages.freedesktop.org/libei/
> The git shortlog is below:
> Olivier Fourdan (7):
>       README: Xwayland is a Wayland client
>       Fix absolute events filtering
>       util: Add block/release signals API
>       util: Protect system calls against signals
>       util: Add a wrapper for dup() and pipe2()
>       ei: Use the signal protected wrappers
>       liboeffis: protect from interrupted system calls
> Peter Hutterer (44):
>       Add a comment that reserved properties cannot be set by the API
>       reis: fix return code handling in allow_capabilities
>       reis: drop unnecessary variable rc
>       proto: reformat according to the Google Style Guide
>       proto: specify that Configure messages must be sent before connection
>       eis: capabilities can only be reduced
>       proto: document ConfigureCapabilities
>       proto: split the Configure messages out a bit
>       proto: document that only one ConfigureName is possible
>       Remove a double semicolon
>       util: only do flag_* operations if the bit fits
>       test: rename the ei AUTOCONNECT behavior to HANDLE_CONNECT
>       test: set up libreis support in eierpecken
>       eis: send out the list of existing properties on connect
>       eis: add eis_client_has_capability
>       test: add a few tests for reis
>       eis: default the client to only the capabilities we know about
>       tools/demo-client: stop means stop sending events
>       tools/demo-client: keep a ref to the ptr/kbd/abs devices
>       tools: print property values in the demo client and server
>       proto: split the client's SetProperty from the server event
>       log: allocate the log message on demand
>       log: enforce single logical messages only
>       Drop the trailing newline from the log messages
>       log: abstract the auxiliary information into a log message context
>       tools: drop help for obsolete --sender option from the eis-demo-server
>       Add a version macro for grepable version numbers
>       proto: add a version exchange prior to connect
>       proto: allow the client to set the protocol version
>       proto: add versioned Configure transactions
>       Fix some logging linebreak issues
>       proto: separate pre-connection properties into ConfigureProperty
>       doc: fix two references to function calls
>       doc: fix a doxygen warning about a wrong parameter name
>       doc: fix a comment in util-mem.h
>       meson.build: fix an indentation issue
>       CI: purge all references to the master branch
>       CI: bump to Fedora 37
>       CI: bump to latest ci-templates
>       README: swap to RemoteDesktop over the nonexistent EmulatedInput portal
>       Purge the portal code
>       liboeffis is a wrapper library for the RemoteDesktop communication
>       util: change the signal handler to a context-manager like macro
>       libei 0.4

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