[ANNOUNCE] libxkbcommon 1.4.0

Ran Benita ran at unusedvar.com
Fri Feb 4 11:05:04 UTC 2022

libxkbcommon 1.4.0

- Add `enable-tools` option to Meson build (on by default) to allow disabling
  the `xkbcli` tools.

  Contributed by Alex Xu (Hello71).

- In `xkbcli list`, fix "YAML Norway problem" in output.

  Contributed by Peter Hutterer.

- In libxkbregistry, variants now inherit iso639, iso3166 and brief from parent
  layout if omitted.

  Contributed by M Hickford.

- In libxkbregistry, don't call `xmlCleanupParser()` - it's not supposed to
  be called by libraries.

  Contributed by Peter Hutterer.

- In libxkbregistry, skip over invalid ISO-639 or ISO-3166 entries.

  Contributed by Peter Hutterer.


git tag: xkbcommon-1.4.0


SHA-256: 106cec5263f9100a7e79b5f7220f889bc78e7d7ffc55d2b6fdb1efefb8024031 libxkbcommon-1.4.0.tar.xz


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