Minimal latency on multiple monitors using Wayland

Shachar Arieli shachar.arieli at
Sun Jan 9 08:11:55 UTC 2022

My application renders frames from a camera to multiple physical monitors.
The application is highly sensitive to latency which needs to be as low as

It is currently running on Ubuntu 20.04 but can be upgraded if required. I
am using the Nvidia RTX card.

Under X I open a full screen window for each physical monitor placing each
window on its own x-screen.
This allows me to bypass the compositor whilst maintaining v-sync and
achieve low latency on all windows / monitors.

   1. Is it possible under Wayland to bypass the composition and render
   directly to screen for multiple monitors/windows?
   2. Is it possible to sync (v-sync) each window to a different physical
   monitor (This is only possible under X when each monitor is on its own
   3. How much latency is expected to be added by the Wayland compositor
   when rendering a new full frame at 60fps)?

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