[PATCH 0/6] drm: Add mouse cursor hotspot support to atomic KMS

Zack Rusin zackr at vmware.com
Fri Jun 3 15:17:27 UTC 2022

On Jun 3, 2022, at 10:56 AM, Simon Ser <contact at emersion.fr<mailto:contact at emersion.fr>> wrote:

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On Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 16:38, Zack Rusin <zackr at vmware.com<mailto:zackr at vmware.com>> wrote:

On Jun 3, 2022, at 10:32 AM, Simon Ser <contact at emersion.fr<mailto:contact at emersion.fr>> wrote:

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On Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 16:27, Zack Rusin <zackr at vmware.com<mailto:zackr at vmware.com>> wrote:

In particular: since the driver will ignore the KMS cursor plane
position set by user-space, I don't think it's okay to just expose
without opt-in from user-space (e.g. with a DRM_CLIENT_CAP).

cc wayland-devel and Pekka for user-space feedback.

I think Thomas expressed our concerns and reasons why those wouldn’t
work for us back then. Is there something else you’d like to add?

I disagreed, and I don't understand Thomas' reasoning.

KMS clients will need an update to work correctly. Adding a new prop
without a cap leaves existing KMS clients broken. Adding a cap allows
both existing KMS clients and updated KMS clients to work correctly.

I’m not sure what you mean here. They are broken right now. That’s what we’re
fixing. That’s the reason why the virtualized drivers are on deny-lists for
all atomic kms. So nothing needs to be updated. If you have a kms client that
was using virtualized drivers with atomic kms then mouse clicks never worked

So, yes, clients need to set cursor hotspot if they want mouse to work
correctly with virtualized drivers.

My proposal was:

- Introduce DRM_CLIENT_CAP_CURSOR_PLANE_NO_POSITION (or a better name). Only
user-space which supports the hotspot props will enable it.
- By default, don't expose a cursor plane, because current user-space doesn't
support it (Weston might put a window in the cursor plane, and nobody can
report hotspot).
- If the KMS client enables the cap, advertise the cursor
plane, and make it so the plane doesn't have the CRTC_X/CRTC_Y properties
since the driver will pick the position.

That way both old and new user-space are fixed.

I don’t think I see how that fixes anything. In particular I don’t see a way of fixing the old user space at all. We require hotspot info, old user space doesn’t set it because there’s no way of setting it on atomic kms. Whether we expose cursor plane or not doesn’t change the fact that we still require the hotspot info. I don’t know… Unless the small-print in your proposal is “rewrite mouse cursor support in all hypervisors” (which I don’t see how you could make work without hotspot info) then I don’t think this solves anything, old or new.

Or did you have some magical way of extracting the hotspot data without the kms clients providing it? e.g. in your proposal in virtgpu_plane.c how is output->cursor.hot_x and output->cursor.hot_y set without a cursor plane and with it?

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