wp_presentation vs wl_surface_frame

Maksim Sisov msisov at igalia.com
Thu May 26 07:25:24 UTC 2022


I'm currently working on some begin frame issues in Chromium and I
started to wonder if we use available mechanism for synchronization

Wayland compositors may support wl_surface_frame and wp_presentation or
just wl_surface_frame. At the moment, Chromium uses both wp_presentation
to adjust own begin frame scheduling based on the presentation time.
Also, it utilizes wl_surface_frame just before attaching new wl_buffers
to wl_surfaces (we use dmabuf + zwp_linux_dmabuf).

I wonder if using wl_surface_frame along with wp_presentation is
necessary except the cases when a window is fully occluded.

Best Regards,
Maksim Sisov

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