[ANNOUNCE] wayland 1.20.91

Simon Ser contact at emersion.fr
Thu May 26 18:26:37 UTC 2022

This is the alpha release for Wayland 1.21.

This new release adds a new wl_pointer high-resolution scroll event,
adds a few new convenience functions, and contains a collection of
bug fixes.

This is the first release to use GitLab releases instead of the usual
wayland.freedesktop.org website. The new links are available at the
end of this email, or in the GitLab UI.

Full commit history below.

Aleksandr Mezin (4):
      util: always check result of wl_array_add()
      util: set errno in wl_map_reserve_new()
      util: set errno in wl_map_insert_at()
      client, server: handle wl_map_insert_new() failures

Alexander Irion (1):
      connection: Make wl_closure_print output atomic

Demi Marie Obenour (1):
      wl_shell is not mandatory

Derek Foreman (2):
      tests: Fix tc_client_fd_leaks_exec test
      util: Limit size of wl_map

Fergus Dall (1):
      display-test: Fix a race condition in test suite

Julian Orth (1):
      protocol: xkb_v1 is null-terminated

Max Ihlenfeldt (1):
      protocol: clarify wl_shm_pool.resize

Mikhail Gusarov (3):
      doc: Clarify position of file descriptors in the stream
      doc: Clarify that null terminator is included in string length
      protocol: wl_shm.format events are actually sent after bind

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      shm: Close file descriptors not needed

Peter Hutterer (1):
      protocol: add the wl_pointer.axis_value120 events

Sigrid Solveig Haflínudóttir (2):
      connection: fix asan report on sendmsg call
      connection: change clen type in build_cmsg to size_t

Simon Ser (38):
      build: re-open main branch for regular development
      tests: use __typeof__ instead of typeof
      build: don't rely on implicit GNU extensions
      build: set c_std=c99
      build: explicitly set check arg in run_command()
      Use zalloc for structs
      meson: build requirement to 0.56.0
      meson: use project build root for doxygen output
      meson: use absolute paths for doxygen stamp files
      build: use full_path() instead of path()
      build: specify native arg in add_languages()
      build: use get_variable(pkgconfig) instead of get_pkgconfig_variable()
      server: introduce wl_signal_emit_mutable
      os: drop unnecessary memcpy in wl_os_mremap_maymove
      Remove publish-doc
      cursor: use MAP_FAILED instead of hardcoded constant
      build: sanity check options
      docs/publican: ensure output encoding is UTF-8
      server: add wl_global_get_version
      cursor: remove private Xcursor int typedefs
      cursor: drop XcursorTrue and XcursorFalse
      cursor: drop XCURSOR_LIB_* defines
      cursor: drop whitespace before parens in function calls
      cursor: fix define style
      cursor: fix struct declaration style
      cursor: fix variable declaration style
      cursor: remove unnecessary if before free
      cursor: fix indentation
      cursor: fix spacing around conditions and loops
      cursor: remove struct typedefs, rename to snake case
      cursor: fix whitespace in function args definitions
      cursor: rename functions to snake case
      cursor: convert macros to functions
      cursor: refactor xcursor_theme_inherits
      cursor: drop xcursor_file abstraction
      cursor: rename local variables to snake case
      util: fix code block language in docs
      build: bump to version 1.20.91 for the alpha release

Vlad Zahorodnii (1):
      cursor: Remove unused XcursorLibraryLoadImages() function

Xavier Claessens (1):
      Meson: Override wayland-scanner if it can be run

illiliti (1):
      meson: Use proper type for bools

shierote (1):
      doc: fix typo in wl_data_device.data_offer

git tag: 1.20.91

SHA256: 8b7cfbc448470a5688d6ec54138d323727b99e74a1e464991c8d84277f474c89  wayland-1.20.91.tar.xz
SHA512: c437bb70e4ed72c7b9271df15376f1434f3dffc19673fe990633a39503c9874be798e196169f19677e2fe8b0bc6fc6594e16c88853d73ce06f0fb15d60dc5aaf  wayland-1.20.91.tar.xz
PGP:  https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/wayland/-/releases/1.20.91/downloads/wayland-1.20.91.tar.xz.sig

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