[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.22.0

José Expósito jose.exposito89 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 11:58:42 UTC 2022

libinput 1.22.0 is available!

A new flat acceleration profile is available for trackpoints, making
them more usable in some cases.

This version includes quirks for laptops from Lenovo, Acer and
Microsoft, as well as for the Framework laptop and ARM based

As always, a good number of bugs have been fixed, so make sure to

Thanks to every contributor for making this release possible <3


Benjamin Tissoires (9):
      CI: prettify the include of templates
      CI: remove one occurrence of fedora instead of distro.name
      CI: make freebsd slightly more in line with others
      CI: remove unused test
      CI: do not retry the qemu runs
      CI: rely on b2c to start qemu tests
      CI: include systemd-udev in the fedora image
      CI: start a full systemd environment before running the testsuite
      CI: in b2c, compile on the host, then test in qemu

Boris Pek (1):
      quirks: update quirks for Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3

Dale A. Jackson (1):
      quirks: add Lenovo Legion 7 keyboard

José Expósito (9):
      libwacom: fix warnings building without libwacom
      tablet: check libevdev_get_abs_info() return value
      tablet: avoid errors calling libevdev_get_abs_info()
      meson.build: always set HAVE_GTK_WAYLAND
      tools: hide debug-gui help when building with -Ddebug-gui=false
      debug-gui: avoid locking pointer twice
      util: use ck_assert_ptr_eq() instead of ck_assert_ptr_null()
      touchpad: add escape and asterisk to the DWT blacklist
      libinput 1.22.0

Leonard Lausen (2):
      quirks: add quirks for Acer Spin 513 (Lazor)
      quirks: add generic quirks for ARM based chromebooks

Max Huber (1):
      quirks: add volume rocker quirk for Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i

Maximilian Luz (2):
      quirks: Add quirks for Surface Laptop Studio touchpad
      quirks: Add quirks to improve tablet-mode on the Surface Laptop Studio

Peter Hutterer (30):
      gitlab CI: drop the manual meson to junit conversion
      meson.build: drop listing of header files from compilation targets
      meson.build: fix build without Wayland
      gitlab CI: dnf remove gtk4-devel for the no-debug-gui deps job
      CODING_STYLE: update with a better description for variable assignments
      evdev: fix a tab vs space indentation issue
      doc/user: minor rewording of the pointer accel profile list
      gitlab ci: drop EOL'd ubuntu 21.10
      tools: add missing dwtp option setting
      evdev: remove duplicate "device is a switch" message
      gitlab-ci: export MESON_TESTTHREADS so meson actually sees it
      gitlab-ci: explicitly call "meson setup" to improve readability
      gitlab-ci: add commandline options to the meson-build.sh script
      CI: drop the job count for the valgrind test suite to 2
      filter: a few whitespace fixes and extra comments
      filter: fix the mix of normalized vs device coordinates
      filter: remove an unnecessary layer of indirection
      filter: constify the tracker API
      filter: localize a few variables
      evdev: rename post_trackpoint_scroll to post_button_scroll
      filter: constify the interfaces and make them static
      filter: don't normalize the const filter approach
      evdev: use filter_dispatch_constant() for button scrolling
      evdev: use filter_dispatch_constant() for the lenovo trackpoint "wheel"
      filter: don't normalize the speed again in the default mouse filter
      filter: apply the same factor for constant motion as for normal motion
      filter: add a flat trackpoint accel
      gitlab CI: don't install valgrind, it's already in the template
      gitlab CI: update freebsd to 13.1
      gitlab CI: pre-install all packages we need

Tadhg McDonald-Jensen (1):
      Fix Framework quirk so it wirks with 12 gen intel

Yinon Burgansky (1):
      util: return the number of elements from strv_from_string

illiliti (1):
      meson: use install_emptydir to create directory

satrmb (1):
      test: exclude the two high-delay debounce tests from the valgrind CI run

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