Weston window move to second monitor

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Sun Oct 2 08:13:27 UTC 2022


I am developing software for an instrument embedded system using NXP 
CPU's and the Wayland/Weston GUI system.

The hardware platform has a main LCD panel and an optional plug-in HDMI 
monitor. The GUI is currently running with the Weston kiosk-shell and a 
single application is shown full screen on the LCD. Weston is configured 
so that the HDMI monitor appears to the right of the LCD screen and if 
the desktop-shell is used applications can be dragged across.

Now what I would like is for the application to be moved to the HDMI 
monitor/screen when the monitor is plugged in (resizing as needed).

With X11 I would have simply, from the application, moved its top level 
window coordinates and without a window manager or with a simple window 
manager the window would move to the area of the second screen.

Now I understand that Weston and the standard Wayland protocol's do not 
even allow a window move request to be made.

So I assume I might have to implement a whole new Weston shell, perhaps 
based on the kiosk-shell, and either invent some form of protocol to 
allow the application to request the shell to move it or get the shell 
to see HDMI plug in events and move the application and tell it to resize.

I don't have much knowledge of Wayland/Weston internals (lots of X11), 
so can anyone give me any pointers on how I might achieve this in the 
simplest/quickest way ?


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