Meeting (BOF) at Plumbers Dublin to discuss backlight brightness as connector object property RFC?

Hans de Goede hdegoede at
Fri Sep 9 10:23:53 UTC 2022

Hi All,

I will be at Plumbers Dublin next week and I was wondering if
anyone interested in this wants to get together for a quick
discussion / birds of a feather session about this?

I have just posted version 2 of the RFC:

If you are interested in meeting up please send me
an email off-list (no need to spam the list further with this)
also please let me know if there are any times which do not
work for you, and/or times which have your preference.

I don't have a specific room/time for this yet, but if people
are interested I will try to get a room from the organization
and if that does not work out I'm sure we will figure something

One of the things which I would like to discuss is using
the backlight brightness as connector object property vs
external (not part of the compositor) tools to control the
brightness like e.g. xbacklight, quoting from the RFC:

"people using
non fully integrated desktop environments like e.g. sway often use custom
scripts binded to hotkeys to get functionality like the brightness
up/down keyboard hotkeys changing the brightness. This typically involves
e.g. the xbacklight utility.

Even if the xbacklight utility is ported to use kms with the new connector
object brightness properties then this still will not work because
changing the properties will require drm-master rights and e.g. sway will
already hold those."

Note one obvious solution here would be for these use-cases to keep
using the old /sys/class/backlight interface for this, with the downside
that we will then be stuck to that interface for ever...



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