Wrong (non modified) key under Wayland when multiple events combined in single SYN_REPORT

Juerd Waalboer juerd at tnx.nl
Mon Sep 12 13:14:09 UTC 2022

Hans de Goede skribis 2022-09-12  7:16 (+0200):
>During a big hacker event in the Netherlands this summer (MCH) the logistics
>team used custom barcodes to keep track of inventory. These custom barcodes
>contain a # symbol.

In other barcodes, @ symbols. Quite possibly anything with shifted characters; I vaguely recall a mixed case (ascii) string where the uppercasing was on the wrong letter.

>Juerd, we did not discuss how you were running Wayland (which compositor),
>I guess you were using GNOME3 when you hit this ?

I'm not sure, as I only encountered the bug as an end user and suggested changing to X to work around it (which worked). I've added Peter Hazenberg to the CC list; he installed and maintained the computers, and is familiar with the bug. Peter, can you confirm that we were using GNOME 3 in both Wayland and X?

># Input device name: "Symbol Technologies, Inc, 2008 Symbol Bar Code Scanner"
># Input device ID: bus 0x03 vendor 0x5e0 product 0x1200 version 0x110

This was a Zebra DS4308, which is a very popular model (now EOL, but still widely available). The bug is triggered by at least the SR ("Standard Range") and HC ("Healthcare") models, but I suspect the entire series will have the same USB keyboard emulation.
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