[ANNOUNCE] weston 11.0.91

Marius Vlad marius.vlad at collabora.com
Wed Apr 26 13:49:54 UTC 2023

Hi all,

This is the alpha release for Weston 12.0.0.

Full history commit below:

Alexandros Frantzis (3):
       kiosk-shell: Update view transform after activation.
       kiosk-shell: Don't use a modifier for surface activation bindings
       xwayland: Handle shell hint for client to choose dimensions

Andrei Makeev (1):
       compositor: don't pass the signal flags to autolaunched process

Andrew F. Davis (1):
       backend-drm: Select plane based on current attached CRTC

Bram Stolk (1):
       simple-dmabuf-v4l: Add support to NV12 devices that combine planes

Colin Kinloch (1):
       meson.build: Add devenv for running from the build directory

Daniel Stone (49):
       build: Use cc.get_supported_arguments() instead of open-coding
       tests: Explicitly use desktop-shell for text-test
       tests: Use test-desktop-shell more widely
       tests: Use weston-test-desktop-shell by default
       tests: Store output description into correct field
       tests: Don't leak single-pixel-buffer factory object
       man: Update ancient URLs
       README: Delete reference to GNOME and KDE
       README: Fix wayland-protocols URL
       README: Delete packager-guidance section
       README: Delete misleading API-versioning section
       README: Make doc section more useful
       README: Reorder sections, rewrite intro + libweston
       man: Alphabetise weston command-line options
       man: Make --config vs. --no-config more explicit
       man: Rewrite Xwayland section
       frontend: Use short-form names for shell argument
       man: Reformat shell section, add kiosk-shell
       build: Add unreachable()
       frontend: Use enums for backend type, not strings
       libweston: Expose weston_renderer_type as ABI
       libweston: Add WESTON_RENDERER_AUTO type
       backend-drm: Use renderer enum type for config selection
       backend-headless: Use renderer enum type for config selection
       backend-wayland: Use renderer enum type for config selection
       backend-x11: Use renderer enum type for config selection
       backend-rdp: Add renderer parameter to backend config
       backend-vnc: Add renderer parameter to backend config
       frontend: Add common --renderer=foo argument
       gl-renderer: Use highest precision for vertex shaders
       input: Consistently use enums for modifier/axis/state
       Revert "input: Consistently use enums for modifier/axis/state"
       input: Consistently use enums for modifier/axis/state
       drm: Fix type confusion in writeback_state
       input: Fix uint/enum declaration mismatch
       input: Destroy tablet-tool bindings on exit
       tests: Move prog_args_save() later
       tests: Allow DRM fixture setup to cleanly skip
       screenshooter: Rename compositor_destroy_listener
       screenshooter: Exit early when screenshot in progress
       screenshooter: Use wl_client, not wet_process
       frontend: Add FDSTR_INIT macro
       frontend: Don't log when an unknown child process exits
       frontend: Use array for clearing CLOEXEC in child
       frontend: Split process and client handling
       xwayland: Don't leak fds on failure
       xwayland: Use an array for CLOEXEC FDs
       xwayland: Reuse weston_client_launch
       tests/xwayland: Don't leak XCB reply

Daniel van Vugt (1):
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: Remove unsupported f suffixes

Derek Foreman (148):
       xwm: Check size hints in weston_wm_window_is_positioned()
       compositor: add weston_matrix_transform_rect() and use it
       compositor: use matrix transforms for surface_to_buffer functions
       backend-drm: Use weston_matrix_transform_region for plane setup
       compositor: Remove weston_transformed_region
       compositor: Remove weston_transformed_ functions
       libweston: rename weston_output_region_from_global
       libweston: use weston_region_global_to_output more often
       libweston: Remove x,y from weston_plane_init
       desktop-shell: Remove unused params from internal map() function
       matrix: Make matrix const in weston_matrix_transform
       compositor: Remove output dirty bit
       libweston: Refactor point in output test
       screen-share: Use weston_output_contains_point
       screen-share: Copy the damage region instead of intersecting it
       screen-share: Fix first buffer damage
       screen-share: split up damage tracking variables
       libweston: Split notify_pointer focus into notify/clear
       helpers: Add a u64 from 2 u32 helper
       data-device: Refactor grab and touch grab focus handlers
       data-device: Split set_focus and clear_focus
       compositor: Factor out check if a view takes input for a point
       input: Complain if we focus a surface with a coordinate outside it
       desktop-shell: Use the current pointer location for grab start
       input: Don't pass surface coordinates to weston_pointer_set_focus
       input: Don't test bogus coordinates in surface jump logic
       libweston: Don't return coordinates from weston_compositor_pick_view
       input: Be more careful with pointer surface coordinates
       input: make sure pointer->focus is set before trusting pointer->sx,sy
       fullscreen-shell: refactor configure_presented_surface
       libweston: Add weston_log_paced()
       libweston: Use paced logger for bad repaint delays
       libweston: Use paced logger for presentation clock read failure
       compositor: Use paced logger for unknown scroll source
       pixman-renderer: Use paced logger for overdraw warning
       libweston: Use weston_log_paced for unmapped surface or view warning
       input: Don't test uninitialized variables
       input: fix surface jump test
       data-device: Fix coordinate conversion
       libweston: Update view transforms more often
       libweston: assert when transforming for views with dirty transforms
       libweston: always use the transform matrix for coordinate conversion
       libweston: change div by 0 behaviour in coordinate conversion
       libweston: Add more asserts for dirty transform
       fullscreen-shell: Use center_on_output helper
       desktop-shell: Update view transform when resizing windows
       libweston: Add a function to test if transformed images need filters
       libweston: Add function to find the output transform of a matrix
       libweston: Add function to create a view's buffer to output matrix
       backend-drm: Analyze transformation chain to check if it's supported
       compositor: Cache filtering decision in paint node
       matrix-transform-test: Add additional tests
       libweston: Fix comment
       desktop-shell: Fix stuck panel
       libweston-desktop: Set grab client before calling grab functions
       libweston-desktop: Prevent spurious focus change signals
       xwm: Fix selection if no seat present at startup
       xwm: Don't crash when setting selection with no seat
       xwm: Propagate selection ownership immediately
       xwm: Assert if we try to fetch our own selection
       drm: pass paint node to drm_fb_get_from_view
       drm: Pass paint node to cursor view prep function
       drm: Pass paint node to drm_output_try_view_on_plane
       drm: Pass paint node to drm_plane_state_coords_for_view
       drm: Cache buffer to output matrix in paint node
       drm: Pass paint node to drm_view_transform_supported
       drm: Use cached matrix in drm_paint_node_transform_supported
       xwm: Preserve unmaximized window size at map time
       libweston: Update view transform in seat_get_pointer
       libweston: Make weston_head_set_device_changed public
       libweston: Damage outputs in mode_switch_finish
       libweston: Allow changing scale
       rdp: Don't use pixman shadow buffer
       rdp: Export rdp_head_destroy
       rdp: Use the first output in rdp_peer_refresh_region
       rdp: Switch to xzalloc for backend allocation
       rdp: be more careful to free listener on output creation failure
       rdp: Don't release the singleton output on backend creation failure
       rdp: Remove singleton output tracking
       rdp: Move some head setup to rdp_head_create
       rdp: Use xzalloc in rdp_insert_new_mode
       rdp: Set current mode flag properly in rdp_output_set_size
       rdp: Only allow a single graphics mode
       rdp: use mode instead of output size for full region refresh
       rdp: Use xzalloc in rdp_head_create
       rdp: Use xzalloc for output creation
       rdp: Move output callback setup into rdp_output_create
       rdp: Apply scale in context resets at activation time
       gl-renderer: pass paint nodes instead of views
       pixman-renderer: pass paint nodes instead of views
       compositor: Store output_to_buffer transform in paint node
       pixman-renderer: use filtering decision from paint node
       pixman-renderer: Use transform from paint node
       matrix-transform-test: Test vector transforms
       libweston: Factor out transform matrix setup code
       libweston: use weston_matrix_init_transform for buffer matrix
       ttk: Use weston_matrix_init_transform in toy toolkit
       gl-shaders: Don't attempt to set unicolor when it's not valid
       drm: Don't try to correct flipped buffer coordinates
       backend-drm: Use output to buffer matrix for plane setup
       xwayland: Fix delay in displaying pop-up menu
       libweston: Split weston_view_set_position() into rel and abs variants
       matrix: Introduce weston_coord
       libweston: use weston_coord for weston_matrix_transform_rect
       libweston: Use weston_coord space conversion functions
       libweston: Remove old coordinate conversion functions
       drm-backend: Remember to set the zpos for the scanout plane
       clients: Add tearing control to simple-egl
       clients/simple-egl: Refactor out drawing code
       clients/simple-egl: Add a vertical bar mode
       libweston: Add support for tearing-control
       backend-drm: Check for the atomic tearing capability
       backend-drm: Support tearing
       compositor: Add dirty bits to paint nodes
       drm-backend: Cache paint node transform
       kms: Support bitmasks
       kms: Add plane rotation property
       backend-drm: Set rotation property on planes when possible
       drm-backend: Enable plane rotations
       xwm: Be careful with window size when minimizing
       libweston: Fix broken paint node list walk
       input: Don't assert when sending touch motion
       clipping: Use struct weston_coord in vertex clipping code
       libweston: replace weston_output_transform_coordinate
       tests: Don't send real coordinates with WL_TOUCH_UP events
       backend: Make input notification functions use weston_coord
       input: Convert weston_pointer_motion_event to weston_coord
       input: Convert vec2d to weston_coord
       input: Use weston_coord for weston_pointer_motion_to_rel
       input: Use weston_coord in add_border
       libweston: Pass weston_coords to weston_compositor_pick_view
       input: Convert weston_view_takes_input_at_point to weston_coord
       input: Convert weston_pointer_motion_to_abs() to weston_coord
       input: Use weston_coord for pointer clamping
       input: use weston_coord for weston_pointer_move_to
       input: Use weston_coord for weston_touch functions
       data-device: convert weston_drag focus functions to weston_coord
       libweston: Use weston_coord in struct weston_pointer
       data-device: Make struct weston_drag use weston_coord
       backend-x11: use weston_coord to store previous pointer position
       libweston: Convert struct weston_subsurface to weston_coord
       libweston: Use weston_coord in struct weston_view
       libweston: Use weston_coord in surface committed handler
       desktop-shell: Use weston_coord for saved position
       libweston: Convert weston_output_move to weston_coord
       xwm: Init window link after removing it
       xwm: Add support for xwayland_shell_v1
       compositor: Rename position.set to position.changed

Emmanuel Gil Peyrot (2):
       DRM: Add support for HDMI content type
       libweston: Optimise matrix multiplication

Emre Ucan (2):
       ivi-shell: listen output_created signal
       ivi-shell: listen output_destroyed_signal

Faith Ekstrand (1):
       Add a .mailmap file

Harsha M M (1):
       ivi-shell: Set view mask solely based on source rectangle

Hideyuki Nagase (3):
       rdp: Transform damage regions
       rdp: Pass a monitor configuration to rdp_head_create
       rdp: Add preliminary rdp multihead support

Jonas Ådahl (3):
       compositor: Don't overwrite offset on attach
       shell: Keep window 'activated' state if child has focus
       desktop: Make popup grab follow keyboard focus semantics

Leandro Ribeiro (22):
       libweston/input: update view transforms when pointer is constrained
       libweston/input: update view transforms when handling confined 
pointer motion
       desktop-shell: avoid alternating surface between outputs
       desktop-shell: do not forget to reset pending config size after 
       Revert "desktop-shell: avoid alternating surface between outputs"
       drm-backend: add supported formats for writeback connectors
       drm-backend: add support to output capture writeback source
       drm-backend: add writeback connector screenshooter to DRM-backend
       drm-backend: address case in which writeback takes longer than 
atomic commit
       drm-backend: move aux function up to remove unnecessary declaration
       tests: add writeback sreenshooter test
       backend-drm: change dmabuf_feedback_maybe_update() return type to 
       backend-drm: remove scanout tranche when there are no planes 
       backend-drm: add scanout tranche even for views eligible for 
direct scanout
       backend-drm: cosmetic changes to dmabuf_feedback_maybe_update()
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: drop outdated comment
       drm: allow to skip composition if pending capture is writeback
       color-lcms: save ICC profile version string with a single decimal 
       color-lcms: add debug scope for color tranformations
       color-lcms: add debug scope for color profiles
       color-lcms: add debug scope for pipeline optimizer
       tests/color-icc-output: make use of color debug scopes

Loïc Molinari (5):
       gl-renderer: Set blend func once per output repaint
       gl-renderer: Enable vertex attrib arrays once per pass
       gl-renderer: Disable vertex attrib arrays in shadow pass
       weston-log-flight-rec: Map ring buffer using memset()
       gl-renderer: Get rid of begin fence sync

Lyude Paul (4):
       clients/window: Add tablet cursor support into libtoytoolkit
       clients: Add support for tablet cursor motion to window frames in 
       clients/desktop-shell: Add tablet support to the top panel of the 
desktop shell
       clients: Add demo application for tablets

Marco Felsch (1):
       ivi-shell: add screenshot capability

Marius Vlad (50):
       libweston/desktop: Migrate libweston-desktop/libweston-desktop.h
       compositor/main: Extract split/retrieve args passed shell client
       backend-rdp/rdpclip: Avoid printing negative index
       compositor/shared: Suppress write(2) warnings
       doc/sphinx: Make doxygen warn as error depend on meson werror flag
       compositor: Use weston_load_module
       simple-dmabuf-feedback: Correct the rectangle orientation
       hmi-controller: Add missing removal of destroy listener
       ivi-shell: Move out weston_desktop_shell at the end
       libweston: Send name,description, update wl_output to ver 4
       shared/cairo-util: Do not save/restore the cairo context twice
       shared/cairo-util: Zero out the memory when creating a new theme
       shared/cairo-util: Re-use the PangoContext for layout creation
       shared/cairo-util: Release any fontmap laying around
       libweston/desktop, desktop-shell: Add getters for pending state
       libweston/input: update view transforms when handling touch_down
       fullscreen-shell: Trigger output repaints
       shell-utils: Integrate shell-utils into libweston
       shell-utils: Add missing macros and C++ compat/install header
       libweston, shared: Move out weston_shell_get_binding_modifier
       doc/sphinx: Include weston-config and shell-utils in docs
       libweston: Avoid using the surface's output when emitting a timeline
       compositor: Clarify if view is in a layer
       gl-renderer: Use MIN/MAX helpers
       libweston/vertex-clipping:  Use shared helper
       tests: Add the ability the specify the output name
       drm-smoke-test: Explicitly set-up the output name DRM test
       fullscreen-shell: Add missing compositor destroy listener
       fullscreen-shell: Plug in a curtain leak on output destruction
       screen-share: Fix invalid seat release
       backend-drm: Do not overwrite plane's index when creating virtual 
       backend-drm/drm-virtual: Hang off the drm_backend
       remoting-plugin: Release and detach the head
       remoting-plugin: Check virtual outputs/remoting instance
       pipewire: Follow-up with remoting pluging when releasing the head
       pipewire: Fix memleak upon compositor shutdown
       pipewire: Destroy the pipewire outputs at shutdown
       pipewire-plugin: Check virtual outputs/remoting instance
       cairo-util: Add missing HAVE_PANGO guard
       gitlab-ci.yml: Bump meson to 1.0.0
       .gitlab-ci.yml: Increase kernel ring buffer
       xcb-client-helper: Add a XCB client helper for tests
       tests/xwayland: Enable xwayland XWM debug log scope and more debug
       libweston: Skip views without a parent
       tests/xwayland-test: Also print out Weston log messages
       desktop-shell: Do not attempt to change the state
       simple-touch: Add maximized/fullscreen states
       CONTRIBUTING.md: Inform users that they'd need to ask for perms
       CONTRIBUTING.md: Fix link for patchwork
       meson.build: Bump to version 11.0.91 for the alpha release

Michael Olbrich (34):
       input: send touch frame event after up event
       backend-wayland: always propagate touch frame event
       ivi-layout: fix rectangle calculation by 
       compositor: commit subsurfaces before the main surface
       ivi-shell: use x*alloc for small allocations
       ivi-shell: simplify surface creation
       ivi-shell: remove some unnecessary checks
       libweston: clear parent_view when the parent view is destroyed
       desktop-shell: avoid crashes when a surface disappears during resize
       compositor/text-backend: use xzalloc everywhere
       ivi-shell: abort if shell_surface_send_configure is called for 
non-ivi surfaces
       ivi-layout: add surface type to the surface properties
       ivi-shell: add input panel support
       hmi-controller: add input panel support
       libweston: mitigate race when destroying outputs
       ivi-shell: handle subsurfaces for mouse/touch activation
       backend-drm: don't try to commit an empty state
       backend-drm: don't copy the fence fd when duplicating the plane state
       shared/frame: add helper to get decoration sizes without shadow
       wayland-backend: split switch_mode to prepare for xdg-shell resizing
       backend-wayland: immediately unref the renderbuffer for use shm 
       backend-wayland: allow resizing with xdg-shell
       libweston: Add initial tablet support to weston
       input: add tablet focus handling
       input: add weston grab interfaces for tablet tools
       libinput: hook up tablet events
       libweston: handle tablet cursors in the compositor
       clients/window: add support for handling tablets
       tablet: Add binding to activate surfaces using the tablet tool
       libweston-desktop: implement tablet tool grab
       clients/window: dismiss window on tablet tool up events
       tests: ivi-shell: prepare for API simplification
       hmi-controller: prepare for API simplification
       ivi-layout: simplify API

Michael Tretter (11):
       ivi-shell: fix free in get_layers_under_surface
       ivi-shell: fix cleanup of desktop surfaces
       clients/screenshot: build screenshooter with kiosk-shell and 
       backend-drm: create faked zpos for device instead of backend
       backend-drm: allow to create multiple drm_fb for a weston_view
       shared: extract hash table implementation from xwayland
       backend-drm: use linear buffers if gbm and kms device differ
       backend-drm: import GBM bo to scanout device if necessary
       backend-drm: import cursors on non gbm outputs
       backend-drm: add additional-devices to support multi GPU
       backend-drm: schedule connector disable for detached head

Paul Kocialkowski (1):
       screenshooter: Add SHM buffer destroy listener to avoid invalid 

Pekka Paalanen (56):
       libweston: add weston_renderer::resize_output()
       pixman-renderer: implement shadow resize
       pixman-renderer: pass initial size explicitly
       pixman-renderer: track framebuffer size explicitly
       backend-rdp: use resize_output with pixman-renderer
       backend-x11: use resize_output with pixman-renderer
       gl-renderer: pass initial output area explicitly
       gl-renderer: implement shadow resizing
       backend-x11: use resize_output with GL-renderer
       gl-renderer: use fb_size and area for border
       gl-renderer: refactor into output_get_border_area()
       gl-renderer: stop using texture sizes for border area
       gl-renderer: use a loop in draw_output_borders()
       gl-renderer: use a loop in output_get_border_damage()
       gl-renderer: use fb_size/area in egl_y_invert
       gl-renderer: replace remaining current_mode and borders[]
       color-lcms: relax cmlcms_fill_in_output_inv_eotf_vcgt()
       color-lcms: restructure xform_set_cmap_3dlut()
       color-lcms: add cmlcms_category_name()
       Revert "CI: work around Gitlab Cobertura parsing quirk"
       backend-drm: do not print head info twice
       protocol: new screenshooter protocol
       libweston: implement new screenshooting protocol base
       libweston: add pixel_format_get_shm_format()
       pixman-renderer: implement output capture
       gl-renderer: implement output capture
       compositor: make new screenhots free for all on --debug
       tests: use pixel-formats.h in create_shm_buffer()
       tests: add output-capture-protocol test
       tests: rewrite screenshooting to use new protocol
       compositor: authorize new screenshooter protocol
       clients: rewrite screenshot.c for new protocol
       compositor: remove weston-screenshooter protocol
       libweston: deprecate weston_screenshooter_shoot()
       backend-headless: add option for output decorations
       compositor: add output-decorations option for headless
       tests: change shot argument type in verify_image()
       tests: add output-decorations
       tests: add output_icc_decorations
       build: simplify dep_egl a bit
       backend-headless: use a loop in update_gl_border
       backend-headless: clean up gl border data pointer
       backend-headless: refactor into weston_gl_borders
       libweston: move gl-borders code into helper lib
       backend-wayland: use gl-borders
       backend-drm: move *_add_prop() debug earlier
       backend-drm: reset CRTC_GAMMA_LUT
       backend-drm: reset gamma on legacy KMS
       backend-drm: reset CRTC_DEGAMMA_LUT
       backend-drm: reset CRTC_CTM
       backend-drm: reset CRTC_VRR_ENABLED
       tests: do not leak renderer argument
       compositor: free renderer string
       backend-headless: fully release pango and fontconfig
       backend-wayland: fully release pango and fontconfig
       xwayland: comment on cleanup_after_cairo()

Philipp Zabel (87):
       ci: Build and install aml and neatvnc
       man: add a man page for the VNC backend
       backend-vnc: implement direct key code handling
       backend-vnc: use configured keymap
       backend-vnc: enable TLS support
       libweston: Add user authentication support via PAM
       backend-vnc: Add user authentication
       backend-wayland: do not try to release uninitialized seat
       libweston: move headless_backend::renderer_type to 
       backend-drm: drop use_pixman from drm_backend
       backend-wayland: drop use_pixman from wayland_backend
       backend-x11: drop use_pixman from x11_backend
       compositor: support loading backend via shortened name
       libweston: add missing struct weston_renderer forward declaration
       backend-vnc: allocate seat with xzalloc
       backend-vnc: allocate head with xzalloc
       backend-vnc: allocate mode with xzalloc
       backend-vnc: set head properties in vnc_head_create
       backend-vnc: set flags of current mode instead of template
       backend-vnc: drop unnecessary output release
       libweston, backends: store backend pointer in struct weston_head
       libweston: call correct weston_backend::create_output depending 
on head
       linux-dmabuf: add missing includes and declarations
       compositor: extract mode parsing from windowed output configuration
       compositor: configure VNC output size via weston.ini
       backend-vnc: move accumulated damage with output
       backend-rdp: fix for heterogeneous outputs
       gl-renderer: make import_simple_dmabuf attributes parameter const
       backend-vnc: fix vnc_switch_mode
       libweston, backends: pass backend parameter to weston_backend 
       backend-drm: store backend on struct drm_output
       backend-headless: store backend on struct headless_output
       backend-rdp: store backend on struct rdp_output
       backend-vnc: store backend on struct vnc_output
       backend-wayland: store backend on struct wayland_output
       backend-x11: store backend on struct x11_output
       libweston, backends: move GL renderer interface into weston_renderer
       tests: use enum weston_renderer_type
       pixman-renderer: add pixman_renderer_interface
       pixman-renderer: add weston_renderbuffer and create/destroy interface
       pixman-renderer: set renderbuffer via new repaint_output parameter
       pixman-renderer: track damage in weston_renderbuffer
       pixman-renderer: add pixman_renderbuffer specialization
       libweston: move pixman_renderer_init() into 
       libweston: let weston_output_update_capture_info() take drm_format
       pixman-renderer: update capture info on output creation
       ci, backend-vnc: update to Neat VNC 0.6.0, aml 0.3.0
       pixman-renderer: rename create_image_no_clear to create_image
       backend-wayland: drop unused pm_image
       libweston: make weston_renderbuffer refcounted
       pixman-renderer: use pixel_format_info instead of 
       Revert "libweston: let weston_output_update_capture_info() take 
       pixel-formats: add pixel_format_get_array()
       gl-renderer: use pixel_format_info instead of drm fourccs
       ci: bump Meson version to 0.63.0
       build: bump Meson requirement to 0.63.0
       backend-vnc: add meson wrap files for aml and neatvnc
       build: fix meson deprecation warnings
       backend-drm: use pixel_format_info instead of gbm_format
       backend-drm: allow more formats with pixman-renderer
       backend-vnc: destroy renderbuffer before renderer output state
       backend-wayland: fix pixman output state creation
       backend-wayland: destroy renderbuffer before renderer output state
       backend-x11: fix pixman output state creation
       backend-x11: create renderbuffer when pixman output state already 
       frontend: make x11 backend honor the renderer option
       backend-x11: split x11_output_get_pixel_format out of 
       backend-wayland: reuse backend->formats[0] as pixman/cairo/shm 
pixel format
       backend-vnc: track damage on output while not repainting
       backend-vnc: stop over-damaging nvnc_display
       backend-vnc: track damage on renderbuffers
       backend-vnc: stop using pixman shadow buffer
       backend-vnc: add debug scope to log damage regions
       backend-vnc: fix initial repaint
       backend-vnc: rename vnc_convert_damage to vnc_region_global_to_output
       pixman-renderer: hold a reference for renderbuffers on the output 
state list
       backend-vnc: client side cursor support
       backend-vnc: use output power_state to disable repainting while 
       backend-vnc: remove output move listener leftovers
       libweston: pass backend to weston_windowed_output_api::create_head()
       backend-rdp: pass rdp_backend to rdp_head_create()
       backend-vnc: pass vnc_backend to vnc_head_create()
       backend-pipewire: add PipeWire backend
       doc, man: document PipeWire backend
       backend-drm: obtain DRM backend from listener in session_notify()
       backend-pipewire: pass backend to 
       backend-pipewire: remove linear modifier for now

Rajendraprasad K J (1):
       libweston: Add support to force an output power state to off

Robert Mader (4):
       simple-egl: Add option for fixed width/height fullscreen ratio
       gitlab-ci.yml: Bump wayland-protocols to 1.31
       clients/simple-egl: Implement fractional-scale protocol support
       pipewire-[backend|plugin]: Add timestamps to buffers

Sebastian Wick (4):
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: fix dangling pointers
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: fullscreen surface from the start
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: create buffers on demand
       clients/simple-dmabuf-feedback: get buffer size from configure events

Sergio Gómez (4):
       libweston/input: Remove redundant surface destroy listener in 
       libweston: Add view unmap listener to pointer constraints
       libweston: Add assert for valid confine region in 
       libweston/input: Fix assert for valid confine region

Simon Ser (4):
       build: re-open main for regular development
       build: deprecate launcher-logind
       clients/simple-dmabuf-egl: drop Y_INVERT flag
       releasing: use the Wayland release script

Stefan Agner (2):
       backend-vnc: add VNC support using Neat VNC library
       backend-vnc: add meson subprojects support

Thomas Weißschuh (1):
       tests: add TAP version line

Tomohito Esaki (2):
       ivi-shell: activate keyboard focus for xdg-shell surface
       hmi-controller: don't add surface to layer in mode_random_replace()

Tran Ba Khang(MS/EMC31-XC) (7):
       ivi-shell: add new signal to notify ivi shell destroying
       hmi-controller: add missing removals of surface listeners
       hmi-controller: switch to listening the shell destroy signal
       libweston: support API to detect an unmapping commit of surface
       libweston/desktop: committed when transiting from valid to 
invalid buffer
       ivi-shell: add commit_current into ivi_layout interface
       hmi-controller: doesn't do a configuring when surface has no content

Vasyl Vavrychuk (1):
       build: fix meson sandbox violation when using wayland-protocols 
as subproject

Veeresh Kadasani (2):
       backend-drm: Add plane alpha DRM-property
       backend-drm: Pass view alpha to plane state and commit

Vinh Nguyen Trong (1):
       desktop-shell: Fade animation should base on output power state

Vitaly Prosyak (8):
       gl-renderer: add post-curve set to identity
       gl-renderer: add matrix
       color-lcms: rename output_eotf to eotf
       color-lcms: rename cmslcms_fill_in_pre_curve
       color-lcms: drop locals in cmlcms_color_transform_create()
       color-lcms: add support for matrices
       tests/color-icc-output: replace dump file name
       color-lcms: Fix memory leak in join_curvesets

marius vlad (6):
       libweston: Damage the output after the output has been added
       libweston: Set default power state at output initialization
       libweston: Skip setting DPMS if output is not enabled
       simple-shm: Use buffers as a list
       simple-shm: Add maximized/fullscreen support
       client-shm: Add basic keyboard support

vanfanel (1):
       Don't change the max_bpc connector prop if mode=current.

git tag: 11.0.91

SHA256: df7292a1b801e8175befde0691e811f4cf214c0fed10a59027556217b69c1e85 

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