[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.24.0

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at who-t.net
Fri Aug 25 03:17:42 UTC 2023

libinput 1.24.0 is now available. It's been a while since the last release
so let's flush out what's on our branch. Only three notable topics:

On Apple touchpads, natural scrolling is now enabled by default and palm
detection is disabled - the touchpads are good enough that they don't need
our help.

Built-in tablet devices now always have touch arbitration enabled, so we no
longer need to add a quirk for each of them. And speaking of tablets:
the pressure offset limit for worn-out devices is now at 50% of the range.
Modern pens have a precise enough range that even worn out pen can
still provide satisfactory pressure sensitivity. This pressure offset is now
detected on worn-out pens that do not support distance.

Finally, where a relative device's rotation is 180 degrees (e.g.
a trackball used upside-down) we now flip the scroll wheel direction as well.

The rest of the changes is the usual mix of janitorial patches and
device-specific quirks.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Bjørn Forsman (2):
      tablet: increase pressure offset limit from 20% to 50%
      quirks: Add Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen

Hector Martin (2):
      evdev: Enable natural scrolling by default on Apple
      touchpad: Disable edge palm detection Apple touchpads

José Expósito (3):
      doc: document libinput_device_tablet_pad_get_* error case
      quirks: AddHP Spectre x360 15 ModelTabletModeNoSuspend keyboard quirk
      quirks: Add Lenovo Legion 7i 4090 keyboard quirks

Llerraf Gnem (1):
      docs: fix "See also" link in libinput_config_accel_profile

Peter Hutterer (45):
      test: minor cleanups
      CI: bump to latest ci-templates for a new ci-fairy
      fallback: don't double-map if any left-handed buttons are down
      test: move arbitration test into a helper function
      tablet: split out arbitration/rotation handling assignment
      tablet: always enable touch arbitration with touchscreens/ext. touchpads
      doc/user: the CI uses FEDORA_PACKAGES, not FEDORA_RPMS
      CI: remove unused meson-prep.sh and meson-test.sh scripts
      quirks: sort the razer entries by PID
      tools: add a tool to update our Razer quirks for internal keyboards
      doc/user: fix documentation for rotation
      doc/user: add a section on natural scrolling
      CI: fix the rpm build job's Fedora version
      tools: fix a few scan-build dead store warnings
      tools/debug-gui: fix a deprecated warning
      CI: update to use Fedora 38
      test: carry the step as argument for arg testing
      tools: add rotation support to debug-events and debug-gui
      fallback: remove write-only rotation.is_enabled variable
      evdev: if a device's rotation is around 180 degrees, flip the wheel
      CI: add a comment to the meson build helper
      test: change tablet coords to doubles and pass the pointer through
      test: add an extra override hook for tablet motion
      test: add a pre-calibrated flag and exclude the tests as necessary
      test: add a calibrated (swapped) tablet device
      man: hide debug-gui from the libinput.man page if disabled
      CODING_STYLE: drop the unintended real name policy
      doc/user: move ignoring devices to separate page
      test: remove a confusing comment
      test: check the tablet pressure values with a helper function
      test: check that the pressure offset is reduced during motion events too
      doc/user: update the udev rule to handle bind/unbind events
      tablet: move setting the pressure offset into a helper function
      tablet: split detecting and updating the pressure offset
      tablet: split proximity and axis update handling
      tablet: apply pressure offset handling for non-distance tablets
      doc/user: quirks are available, not supported
      Add triage policies for merge requests
      Add a triage policy for kernel bugs
      test: expand the tablet mode switch test to check for fake key releases
      Fix a gcc analyzer complaint
      Fix a few gcc analyzer complaints in util-strings.*
      Drop the Signed-off-by requirement
      quirks: add quirk for the RazerBlade152023 keyboard
      libinput 1.24.0

Robert Glossop (1):
      Disregard touchless clicks on flaky devices

Simon Ser (1):
      doc/user/timestamps: document which clock is used

Yinon Burgansky (1):
      docs: improve custom pointer acceleration documentation.
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