Retiring the GitHub mirrors

Eric Engestrom eric at
Fri Jan 20 18:33:51 UTC 2023

Hello everyone,

For many years now, we have maintained mirrors of numerous FDo projects
on GitHub, under the following organisations:

A bit over a month ago, a new security feature in git started preventing
our script from updating these repos, which wasn't noticed right away
due to people being on holiday. The question that has come up as
a result is whether there is any need to keep working on these mirrors,
or whether they should be deleted instead.

Among the people present in this discussion, the consensus was that we
should delete them.

If you need to keep the mirror for your repo alive, you can set up
push mirroring from GitLab [1], and let us know by *February 20th*
that we should not delete your repo.

  Eric, on behalf of the FDo admins

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