Need support to display application at (0, 0) position on Weston desktop

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Thu Jul 13 10:07:47 UTC 2023

On Wed, 12 Jul 2023 21:38:06 +0700
huy nguyen <huykhacnguyen1983 at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a Linux system based on weston wayland. I run MPV player and expect
> it displays a video window at (0,0) position on the screen (top left corner
> of the display). I already use x11egl backend option to MPV to support a
> fixed position to application but the video window of MPV is displayed at
> an offset (X offset, Y offset) from (0,0) position as shown by the picture
> below:
> [image: IMG_6944.jpg]
> Can we have a support from weston wayland to position (0,0)  to application
> running on Xwayland backend?


I think the gap you see is the window decorations. Weston's X11 Window
Manager (XWM) and demo clients have a fairly wide margin around window
decorations. So the window actually is at (0, 0) already, and the gap
is really just the decorations.

Maybe you can tell mpv to tell XWM to not decorate the window at all,
or maybe you can make the position slightly negative to close the gap.

However, if this is a not general use desktop, and kiosk-shell does not
fit, the I'm afraid the only reliable way to get exactly the window
management behaviour you want overall is to fork and modify Weston's
desktop-shell plugin. I mean, maybe you would also like the video
window to stay on top regardless of where the user is touching/clicking.

Composing an application from multiple independent programs like video
players necessarily requires the window manager to be part of the
application. As window managers are built into Wayland compositors, you
have to change the compositor. In Weston case that happens by loading
a different "shell" plugin.

Usually if you want an application to embed a video player, you do that
with video playing libraries inside the application, and not by adding
an external video player which then requires careful window management.

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