Need support to display application at (0, 0) position on Weston desktop

Pekka Paalanen ppaalanen at
Fri Jul 14 08:33:24 UTC 2023

On Thu, 13 Jul 2023 10:29:28 -0500
Igor Korot <ikorot01 at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I believe with any Wayland stuff you will fail to use absolute positioning.
> you absolutely have to use X11 and forget about Wayland..
> The Wayland devs are NOT CONVINCED enough to support absolute
> positioning and will just tell you to use X11.

Hi Igor,

you seem to be mixing things up here.

It is true that Wayland maintainers are extremely resistant to
suggestions to add global coordinate based client-driven window
positioning to any Wayland extension intended to be used by regular
desktop applications. However, all the mentioned conditions apply

A compositor can choose to support Wayland extensions aimed at
special-purpose clients that actually know better themselves to
position themselves than the compositor. Integrable desktop components
fall into this category.

Non-desktops have no such rules at all. Anyone is free to add any
positioning protocol they need when it does not aim for generic desktop
use. Whether it is a good or bad idea is another matter. In-vehicle
infotainment systems have favoured this approach.

There is an even less restricted case where you have a special-purpose
compositor built for a very specific use case. It sounds like Huy has
this case in mind. This case may not even need any custom Wayland
extension and could possibly support generic applications by special
window management rules inside the compositor. This makes the
compositor a part of the overall application, known just from the
client app_id where and how it need to be positioned.

One can pick their path, but if it requires absolute window positioning
dictated by clients, then it won't be usable as a regular desktop

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