Refresh rates with multiple monitors

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Wed Jun 14 20:33:32 UTC 2023

 Thanks Daniel. Do you know if wl_output instances are decoupled from each other, when it comes to display refresh?
The wl_output geometry info hints that each output can be thought of as a region in a larger compositor canvas, given the logical x/y fields in the geometry. Is the compositor able to handle the repaint scheduling in a refresh-aware way?
I'm trying to get a better understanding of how these pieces interact to maximize draw time but still hit the glass every frame. The various blog posts and documentation out there are pretty clear when it comes to drawing to a single physical display, but less so when multiple displays are in use.
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> As I understand, there is one global wl_display. Is there always one
> wl_compositor too?

That is inconsequential.

Yeah, I think the really consequential thing is that a wl_display really just represents a connection to a Wayland server (aka compositor).
Display targets (e.g. 'the HDMI connector on the left', 'the DSI panel') are represented by wl_output objects. There is one of those for each output.
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