[ANNOUNCE] libinput 1.23.0

José Expósito jose.exposito89 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 18:22:49 UTC 2023

libinput 1.23 is available!

Thanks to Yinon Burgansky, this version has a new pointer acceleration
profile: the "custom" profile.
This profile allows users to tweak the exact response of their device
based on their input speed.

On X11, the code required to configure a custom acceleration profile
was already merged [1].
In the Wayland world, now that libinput 1.23 has been released,
compositors are able to expose this feature to their users. 

Peter Hutterer already covered how this feature works on his blog in
detail, so make sure to have a look at his article [2].

In addition to the new acceleration profile, this release includes a
set of new quirks for different hardware. The work done for Razer
hardware is especially noticeable.

Finally, various bugs has been fixed and the CI has been improved.

[1] https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-input-libinput/-/merge_requests/39
[2] http://who-t.blogspot.com/2023/01/libinput-and-custom-pointer.html

Thanks to everyone involved for making this new version possible:

Aksel Stokseth (1):
      add quirks for Logitech MX Master 3B

Benjamin Tissoires (1):
      CI: bump b2c and kernel

Bill A (1):
      quirks: add generic quirk for Dell 2-in-1 models for side volume buttons

Cyril LEVIS (1):
      fix: add apple m2 keyboard quirks

Diep Pham (1):
      quirk: Lenovo P14s Gen 1 AMD Trackpoint

José Expósito (13):
      test: remove unused variable
      tablet-pad-leds: fix compiler warning when -Dlibwacom=false
      tablet: fix compiler warning when -Dlibwacom=false
      test: fix compiler warning when -Dlibwacom=false
      test: fix uninitialized variables
      sparse: make some variables static
      quirks: add quirks for Positivo-Vaio touchpad
      tools/record: fix quirk error message
      quirks: touchpad: add ModelPressurePad
      doc/user: fix trackpoint quirks path
      quirks: fix DWT on Legion 5i
      quirks: add a note to not quirk the Bolt Receiver
      libinput 1.23.0

Lucas Zampieri (1):
      Allow rotation on all mice and for any angle

Marge Yang (1):
      quirks: Dell Mayabay (Pressure Pad).

Peter Hutterer (36):
      doc/user: explicitly specify language as en
      test: print the usage from the symbols-leak-test
      Remove trailing whitespaces in the tree
      Remove a few empty lines with nothing but a lonely tab
      Remove duplicate empty lines in our source
      tools: fix a tab after space whitespace issue
      gitlab CI: add a job to check for whitespace issues
      quirks: allow overriding of AttrEventCode and AttrInputProp
      evdev: only read the trackpoint multiplier on trackpoints
      tools: add a libinput list-kernel-devices tool
      tools: add a --hid toggle to libinput-list-kernel-devices
      doc/user: document the new list-kernel-devices tool
      meson.build: fix a deprecation warning
      CI: give the meson-build.sh script a proper license tag
      CI: make the meson-build.sh script even more generic
      CI: use meson compile over ninja directly in meson-build.sh
      filter: add helper functions to create/destroy a delta smoothener
      doc/api: set HAVE_DOT to YES
      doc/user: fix sphinx warning
      tools: add --replay-after and --once to libinput replay
      CI: bump to use Fedora 37
      gitlab CI: drop comment about weekly rebuild of images
      gitlab CI: remove a leftover use of a fedora image
      gitlab CI: explicitly run the test in the systemd service
      CI: update to latest ci-templates
      CI: add new workflow rules
      test: give the generic MT touchscreen realistic ranges
      quirks: fix duplicate section names
      quirks: change all 3-digit matches to zero-prefixed 4-digit matches
      tools: honor FDO_CI_CONCURRENT in the tools option parser
      test: drop the explicit -n auto to the tool options test
      CI: make the ci-fairy commit check verbose
      test: comment two tap tests
      test: add a quicks file validation test
      test: add a test to make sure we don't accidentally add Logitech receivers
      quirks: add a bunch more Razer internal keyboards

Richard Stefun (1):
      Improve X280 support

Tobias Bengfort (3):
      filter: simplify speed_factor()
      doc/user: fix tap in palm exclusion zone
      touchpad: rm dead tp_palm_tap_is_palm

Yinon Burgansky (3):
      Introduce custom acceleration profile
      filter: validate custom acceleration function's points size
      filter: add scroll movement type to the custom acceleration profile

Zhangyuan Nie (1):
      quicks: invert horizontal scrolling for Logitech MX Master 3S

gogogoghost (1):
      quirk: Google Chromebook Atlas (Pixelbook go)

hrdl (2):
      evdev-tablet: clip touch arbitration rectangle
      evdev: apply calibration for touch arbitration

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