[ANNOUNCE] weston 11.0.92

Marius Vlad marius.vlad at collabora.com
Wed May 3 07:24:38 UTC 2023

Hi all,

This is the beta release for Weston 12.0.0.

The following changes have been added since the alpha release:

Leandro Ribeiro (3):
      tests/color-icc-output: differentiate test name based on ICC profile type
      tests/color-icc-output: assert that dimension is not zero when creating clut
      tests/color-icc-output: add ICC VCGT tests

Marius Vlad (1):
      meson.build: Bump to version 11.0.92 for the beta release

Pekka Paalanen (8):
      build: set project, not global, arguments
      backend-drm: let EDID parser return malloc'd strings
      backend-drm: move struct drm_edid definition
      backend-drm: add drm_head_info_from_edid()
      CI: always use wrap-mode=nofallback
      CI: install libdisplay-info
      backend-drm: use libdisplay-info
      backend-drm: drop HDR without libdisplay-info

Simon Ser (1):
      clients/scaler: check viewporter availability

git tag: 11.0.92

SHA256: 722db92e81073271fd62dbe21b68f8bdd80c8134768978bc3c86d318d9be7b64  weston-11.0.92.tar.xz
SHA512: acd6d9c9feb51c7a386ea0f62528d3ba28c5cea45e8d17c5ea6dde3a4748ab12526b724a6e227d925f1624f466fd12fe53dc71400c2b45432fb7c9bdfb3bdce0  weston-11.0.92.tar.xz
PGP:    https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/wayland/weston/-/releases/11.0.92/downloads/weston-11.0.92.tar.xz.sig

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