[ANNOUNCE] weston 13.0.0

Marius Vlad marius.vlad at collabora.com
Tue Nov 28 00:05:47 UTC 2023

Hi all,

This is the official release for weston 13.0.0.

Highlights for this release:

- multiple backend support allowing loading multiple backends, vnc, rdp,
  pipewire are secondary backends
- backend-vnc, backend-pipewire and backend-rdp: GL renderer support
- improved fullscreen handling in kiosk-shell which allows xwayland type
  of surfaces be fullscreen
- support for overlapping outputs, which allows placing views on planes when
  they're displayed on multiple outputs

Internal changes:

- desktop-shell now makes use of pointer confinement for fullscreen surfaces
- new test for pointer constrains
- new test for paint-node
- many view/surfaces cleanups, including subsurface view construction,
  weston_view_geometry_dirty_internal() addition
- drop libgbm 21.1.1 from various clients requiring it and from drm-backend;
  libgbm 21.1.1 was already required from Weston 10, but it wasn't explicitly

API changes:

- weston_view_move_to_layer() wraps movement of a view into a specific layer.
  If the target layer is NULL it would effectively remove the view from the scene
  graph. This new helper triggers a view list rebuild, and it performs all the
  necessary steps required to make it so the view is added to the layer,
  respectively removed from the current layer if the target layer is NULL.
  It deals with damaging the old regions of the view and removal from the
  layer, as well as damaging the new region when adding it to a new layer.
  Both desktop-shell and kiosk-shell have been refactored to use this new helper.
- weston_coord struct in now use for weston_view_set_position, weston_output
  weston_touch as well as the shells
- added iterator for logging scopes - weston_log_scopes_iterate()

Breaking changes for users:

- launcher: Remove launcher-logind has been removed entirely. This was already
deprecated previously. Users are encourated to use libseat which has
systemd-logind support with its backends.

Marius Vlad (2):
      build: bump to version 13.0.0 for the official release

git tag: 13.0.0

SHA256: 52ff1d4aa2394a2e416c85a338b627ce97fa71d43eb762fd4aaf145d36fc795a  weston-13.0.0.tar.xz
SHA512: 8c656cdf24ec9429c76c64ebd2d58351991f5990a6d4b5900ac913243ad8e2c9c0fb1a748f018d177fbfd7e0a8836d0434d97acec287a8f977d47335ae30eacc  weston-13.0.0.tar.xz

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