Knowing which parts of an xdg_toplevel are off-screen / occluded

Max Ihlenfeldt max at
Wed Nov 29 01:43:41 UTC 2023


Is there a way for an xdg_toplevel to know which parts of its surface 
are off-screen or occluded by other surfaces? i.e. similar to the 
'suspended' state, but with more detailed information.

The motivation for this is to be able to improve animated popups that 
aren't implemented as native xdg_popups, i.e. just rendered inside the 
toplevel surface by the application (because xdg_popups don't like 
animations). For xdg_popups the compositor ensures they aren't 
positioned off-screen, and it would be great to be able to ensure that 
(to some extent, at least, as these popups can't be positioned outside 
the toplevel surface) for this other kind of popup as well.

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