wl_surface::attach(NULL) release previous buffer?

John Cox jc at kynesim.co.uk
Fri Sep 15 13:12:25 UTC 2023


>On Thu, 14 Sep 2023 12:24:42 +0100
>John Cox <jc at kynesim.co.uk> wrote:
>> Hi
>> A, hopefully, simple question - should I expect a wl_buffer::release
>> event from the buffer previously committed to a surface after I've
>> attached (and invalidated & committed) a NULL buffer to the surface? it
>> doesn't seem to happen for me (I have WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 logs showing it
>> not happening).
>Theoretically yes, because committing a NULL buffer should delete any
>content of the surface, so there is no reason for the compositor to
>keep the buffer.
>It may not be immediate, though, so a simple roundtrip is not
>guaranteed to be enough. An unfinished output frame may cause the
>compositor to still need the previous buffer for a moment longer, and
>the compositor might need to paint one more output refresh to ensure
>the buffer is no longer in use.
>Then there are also client related considerations like if the
>wl_surface is actually a synchronized sub-surface, then committing a
>NULL buffer won't take effect until the parent has been committed and
>taken effect.
>Another thing is that some wl_surface roles might forbid committing a
>NULL buffer, but you'd notice that from a protocol error. I don't
>remember what roles that might be.
>> If I shouldn't expect a release - when is it safe to reuse/free the
>> buffer storage?
>To re-use the storage, you do need to receive wl_buffer.release, or an
>equivalent if you are using an extension like explicit sync.

Many thanks for your comprehensive answer. I believe that I've accounted
for all of the special cases you mention: I've waited long enough via
artificial debug delay, its on an async subplane, the window is visibly
black and it works as expected with an egl backend rether the the pixman
one. I know that our pixman backend has been patched but I wanted to
check what I was expecting before trying to raise an issue with them.

As an aside one of the more disapointing lines I read in the API docn
was "If a pending wl_buffer has been committed to more than one
wl_surface, the delivery of wl_buffer.release events becomes undefined."
Yes there may be ways of working round this but it feels wrong.

Thanks again


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