Questions about object ID lifetimes

jleivent jleivent at
Sun Sep 17 19:28:04 UTC 2023

Has altering the wire format to contain all the info needed for
unambiguous decoding of each message entirely within libwayland without
needing to know the object ID -> type mapping been considered?

It would make the messages longer, but this seems like it wouldn't be
very bad for performance because wire message transfer is roughly
aligned with user interaction speeds.

Also, for any compositor/client pair, as long as they both use the same
version of libwayland, the necessary wire format change would not
result in compatibility issues.  It would for static linked cases,
or similar mismatching cases (flatpak, appimage, snap, etc. unless
the host version is mapped in instead of the packaged one somehow).
There also seem to be unused bits in the existing wire format so that
one could detect an a compositor/client incompatibility at least on one

I'm not suggesting that unambiguous decoding of all messages is a
sufficient fix, but it is a necessary one.  There are still speculative
computation issues that it wouldn't resolve alone.

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