Requests For Proposals for hosting XDC 2024 are now open

Ricardo Garcia rgarcia at
Thu Sep 28 15:31:57 UTC 2023

The period to submit XDC 2024 hosting proposals has been extended and
the new deadline is **November 1, 2023**

Please, submit your proposals as soon as possible, thank you!

On Mon, 2023-06-19 at 15:43 +0200, Ricardo Garcia wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> The board is soliciting proposals to host XDC in 2024. Since XDC
> 2023 is being held in Europe this year, we've decided to host in North
> America. However, the board is open to other locations, especially if
> there's an interesting co-location with another conference.
> If you're considering hosting XDC, we've assembled a wiki page with
> what's generally expected and needed:
> When submitting your proposal, please make sure to include at least the
> key information about the potential location in question, possible
> dates along with estimated costs. Proposals can be submitted to board
> at until the deadline of *September 17th, 2023*. 
> Additionally, an quirk early heads-up to the board if you're
> considering hosting would be appreciated, in case we need to adjust the
> schedule a bit. Also, earlier is better since there generally will be a
> bit of Q&A with organizers.
> And if you just have some questions about what organizing XDC entails,
> please feel free to chat with previous organizers, or someone from the
> board.
> Thanks,
> Ricardo Garcia, on behalf of X.Org

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