Output of gl-renderer is incorrect

Namit Solanki (QUIC) quic_nsolanki at quicinc.com
Mon Apr 8 06:42:34 UTC 2024

Hi Weston team,

We are working on Weston 10 version. We have a use case where we are playing a video using Gstreamer and on top of it we are running a Weston-simple-egl app.

Status bar and the Weston-simple-egl layer is sent to gl-renderer for GPU composition and Video is sent to Display processing unit.

So finally gl-renderer's output is composed with the Video layer in Display processing unit. But we see that there is corruption in this use case.

The output of gl-renderer is having some garbage data. We dumped the output of gl-renderer onto a RAW file and when we open it on a image editor we see same corruption in the gl-renderer's output.

When we force all the layers (simple-egl + Video + Status bar) to go to GPU composition there is no issue.

When we run only Video there is no problem. When we run only Weston-simple-egl then also there is no problem. But when we run simple-egl app on top of Video we see this corruption.

Any pointers to debug or fix this issue will be really helpful.

Below is the corruption

[cid:image001.png at 01DA89AD.6705ECC0]

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