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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 07:28:00 UTC 2024

I am a gambas basic developer and would like to report some wayland
problems. (major issues) that we hear of on the gambas mailing list all the

The attitude towards wayland with gambas coders at present is ,, ditch
wayland it sucks, use x11.

All gambas users are used to having window X and Y properties to get/set
window position and with wayland it is not possible.

So any custom home made widgets cannot work as expected.
My own desktop has 3 running programs from startup that all have their own
position set and do not work with wayland as they are borderless (no
titlebar) or tray icons and wayland is functionally limited/restrictive.

Other things not working with gambas in wayland but okay on X

SystemTray icons do not work
Form.Sticky (show window on all workspaces) does not work.
Form.SkipTaskbar , not working.

Like I say due to all these problems our current attitude towards wayland
that we have to tell everyone is "get rid of wayland because of the
limitations, many things it is lacking"

Are there no plans to change any of this?
Is waylands attitude towards window positioning just forget it, you are no
longer in control.
Because if yes then it will NEVER be the system of choice (or little choice
as the case may be) for many of us.

Could any wayland developers join the gambas mailing list to possibly help
us work through some of the issues wayland introduces?

gambas is pretty popular and by far the best UI IDE available for
freedesktop so please help us work out some of the major problems that come
with wayland and the wayland limited non-functionality.

It would be nice to say "wayland is okay"  but that's not what we are
saying at all because wayland just causes many problems. So we say "get rid
of wayland limited and use X11" and have to explain how restricted wayland
is for gambas.

Bruce Steers
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