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I posted a question last year about mirroring/cloning to LVDS/hdmi on an imx8, which is not supported by the display driver. This thread suggests that a solution for this was being worked last June, but I have not seen follow up on the topic since then.  Is there any change in the status?


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Hi Dawn,

On Thu, 22 Jun 2023 at 18:09, Dawn HOWE <dawn.howe at alten.com<mailto:dawn.howe at alten.com>> wrote:

I am developing an (embedded) medical device which is required to have a touchscreen display and also mirror the output to a monitor connected via HDMI. The device is using Wayland/Weston on TorizonCore (based on a yocto kirkstone). I am able to get the display extended from HDMI to LVDS, but not have the output mirrored to both displays. I posted a query on the Toradex community, and received a response that Weston may not be capable of doing this. (https://community.toradex.com/t/apalis-imx8-hdmi-and-lvds-display-not-mirroring-cloning/19869<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1qqKzDdWiU1WxNx_1TpOWJ-iSI2TjeLkxdsz1u3dTzFUAeGjZk3MkNig_jPd-wds8_naYOU4DgHGNY7S5gLnEomhCtYlxT2Eq_al1fYRbeKRSy6zzqhyt1iWUudR9EUtgBcffrsaAYdXc5X-ECue_LMusWt5iDW39uJpx_bAgRNkx-7vl34qGXQMz4V6KIJS6HdH8-LWCtucb0DMPb8SaHi0jKOWYo_ilZwTPLgtTatbmhhZD_TF8OXfOHBJYHKfHyysh0zQW8jT61c3-RbCCa06qQJkILh2etzkUWkhLeDO4UylwQaODEYrF7V8_ArLvfggwPmbCOKSeiDdDdLEk3GQx7o0FkC7v-_Jse1glUkfG7zVY5-BW2_bQjH36tMFiyOk34qW5ZO-_0IUIrMJ2Er4uR6XMnq2G-Ckh9nqomzu6DACKXMIiSqUS2F3P5EBxyO2nobhtO21X8vdB4hnxNjLZ4zHyDYuKQlatrGSo8yKlCT5lLng4yp1ztU5uWBUHf4WGFju4oXblCQMR30Xa5g/https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.toradex.com%2Ft%2Fapalis-imx8-hdmi-and-lvds-display-not-mirroring-cloning%2F19869>).

I have searched and found some old posts from several years ago indicating that it was not supported, but may be with a patch. I understand that “same-as” configuration in weston.ini does not work for my scenario.

What is the current state of cloning/mirroring to two different outputs, but on the same card. E.g (card1-HDMI-A-1 and card1-LVDS-1):

ls /sys/class/drm

card0  card1  card1-HDMI-A-1  card1-LVDS-1  renderD128              renderD129  version

Weston can currently mirror it if the display driver directly supports it. You can use the same-as configuration option (see man weston-drm) to enable this. If your display driver doesn't support this in the kernel, then Weston won't do it for now, but we are actively working on this and expect to have a branch capable of this within the next couple of weeks or so.

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