Wayland debugging with Qtwayland, gstreamer waylandsink, wayland-lib and Weston

Terry Barnaby terry1 at beam.ltd.uk
Mon Mar 4 08:12:10 UTC 2024

While I am trying to investigate my issue in the QtWayland arena via the 
Qt Jira Bug system, I thought I would try taking Qt out of the equation 
to simplify the application a bit more to try and gain some 
understanding of what is going on and how this should all work.

So I have created a pure GStreamer/Wayland/Weston application to test 
out how this should work. This is at: 

This tries to implement a C++ Widget style application using native 
Wayland. It is rough and could easily be doing things wrong wrt Wayland. 
However it does work to a reasonable degree.

However, I appear to see the same sort of issue I see with my Qt based 
system in that when a subsurface of a subsurface is used, the Gstreamer 
video is not seen.

This example normally (UseWidgetTop=0) has a top level xdg_toplevel 
desktop surface (Gui), a subsurface to that (Video) and then waylandsink 
creates a subsurface to that which it sets to de-sync mode.

When this example is run with UseWidgetTop=0 the video frames from 
gstreamer are only shown shown when the top subsurface is manually 
committed with gvideo->update() every second, otherwise the video 
pipeline is stalled. Waylandsink is stuck in a loop awaiting a Wayland 
callback after committing its subsurface.
If the Video Widget is a top level widget (UseWidgetTop=1) this works 
fine (only one subsurface deep ?).

I have tried using both Gstreamer's waylandsink and glimagesink 
elements, both show the same issue.

This seems to suggest that the de-synced subsurface system is not 
working properly with Weston, I miss-understand how this should work or 
I have a program error.
This has been tested on Fedora37 running Weston 10.0.1 under KDE/Plasma/X11.

1. Should de-synced subsurfaces under other subsurfaces work under 
Weston 10.0.1 ?

2. Do I miss-understand how this should work ?

3. Do I have some coding issue (sorry the code is a bit complex with 
Wayland callbacks and C++ timers etc) ?

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