Reminder: 2024 X.Org Board of Directors Elections timeline extended, request for nominations

Christopher Michael cmichael at
Tue Mar 5 10:49:27 UTC 2024

This is a reminder that we are still looking for candidates for the 
upcoming X.Org Board of Directors elections, and that membership 
renewals are still open and will be needed to vote on those elections. 
Please read below for more details.


Christopher Michael, on behalf of the X.Org BoD

On 3/1/24 06:25, Christopher Michael wrote:
> We are seeking nominations for candidates for election to the 
> Foundation Board of Directors. However, as we presently do not have 
> enough nominations to start the election - the decision has been made 
> to extend the timeline by 2 weeks. Note this is a fairly regular part 
> of the elections process.
> The new deadline for nominations to the Board of Directors is 
> 23:59 UTC on 11 March 2024
> The Board consists of directors elected from the membership. Each 
> year, an election is held to bring the total number of directors to 
> eight. The four members receiving the highest vote totals will serve 
> as directors for two year terms.
> The directors who received two year terms starting in 2023 were 
> Arkadiusz Hiler, Christopher Michael, Lyude Paul, and Daniel Vetter. 
> They will continue to serve until their term ends in 2024. Current 
> directors whose term expires in 2024 are Emma Anholt, Mark Filion, 
> Ricardo Garcia, and Alyssa Rosenzweig.
> <>
> A director is expected to participate in the fortnightly IRC meeting 
> to discuss current business and to attend the annual meeting of the 
> X.Org Foundation, which will be held at a location determined in 
> advance by the Board of Directors.
> A member may nominate themselves or any other member they feel is 
> qualified. Nominations should be sent to the Election Committee at 
> elections at
> Nominees shall be required to be current members of the X.Org 
> Foundation, and submit a personal statement of up to 200 words that 
> will be provided to prospective voters. The collected statements, 
> along with the statement of contribution to the X.Org Foundation in 
> the member's account page on, will be made 
> available to all voters to help them make their voting decisions.
> Nominations and completed personal statements must be received no 
> later than 23:59 UTC on 11 March 2024.
> The slate of candidates will be published 18 March 2024 and candidate 
> Q&A will begin then. The deadline for Xorg membership applications and 
> renewals has also been extended 2 weeks and is now 25 March 2024.
> Cheers,
> Christopher Michael, on behalf of the X.Org BoD
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