[xcb] XCB polling and single-threadedness

Bart Massey xcb@nickle.org
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 19:50:23 -0700

Quick work!  BTW, how do I discard the event record returned
by XCBWaitEvent()/XCBPollEvent()?   All the stuff in xcb.h
writes the event record into user-supplied memory.


In message <200207070204.AAN00546@wally.cooper-mtn.com> you wrote:
> XCBGenericEvent *XCBPollEvent(XCBConnection *c);
> If there are any events currently in the queue, the first event is
> returned. Otherwise, a null pointer is returned. Basicly, it works the
> same as XCBWaitEvent() except it returns null instead of waiting for an
> event if there is not one currently in the queue.
> ---Andy Howe
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