[xcb] Xlib size analysis - RFC

Jamey Sharp xcb@nickle.org
07 Jun 2002 03:43:41 -0700

Hey, all!

I'm trying to find distinct chunks of functionality in Xlib for the XCL
presentation next week, and I wanted to get some feedback on my choice
of partitions. Here is a list of categories and their associated object
file globs. Anything not in one of these categories is expected to be
core protocol code.

Keysyms: KeysymStr.o StrKeysym.o

I18N/L10N/Xim: [IO]?Wrap.o SetLocale.o XDefault*.o Xlc*.o im*.o lc*.o
mb*.o utf8*.o wc*.o ximtrans.o

Xcms: *CCC.o HV*.o IdOfPr.o LRGB.o Lab*.o Luv*.o PrOfId.o Q[^u]*.o
UNDEFINED.o XRGB.o XYZ.o cms*.o xyY.o uvY.o

Other: XKB*.o Xrm.o StrToText.o TextToStr.o Au[A-Z]*.o

This produces this result:

Core protocol: 162Kb
Keysyms: 37Kb
I18N/L10N/Xim: 309Kb
Xcms: 49Kb
Other: 108Kb
Total: 665Kb

What I'd like to know is if any of these categories should be split or
merged, and if I've miscategorized anything.

Jamey Sharp <jamey@cs.pdx.edu> - http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~jamey/