[Xcb] you people rock.

Jamey Sharp jamey@sharp.ath.cx
Tue, 25 Mar 2003 21:28:16 -0800

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No, I mean it. I don't deserve you guys. I hope you'll overlook that and
keep playing with XCB, though. :)

OK, I've cleaned up David's contributions to the TWiki with my l33t
TWiki skillz ... sorry, I promise to never write that way again. Take a
look at xcb.wiki.cs.pdx.edu; and Bart, if you could get xcb.cs.pdx.edu
pointed there now too, that'd be cool. I don't think there's anything
more to grab from the old site - if you could verify that, you might
want to delete the old directory.

I've also imported Andy's changes to CVS. Unfortunately, I seem to have
gone about it completely wrong, and the repository is now in very bad
shape. I've asked Keith to restore a backup if he has one, but for the
moment, don't bother updating or committing anything. I'll let ya'll
know when that's taken care of.

On 03/21 08:59PM, Andy Howe wrote:
> In the past two or three days I have been playing around with
> automatic documentation generation. I am currently working on macros
> to automatically generate protocol specs. The hope is to use this to
> get a better protocol specification of the render protocol.

That's really cool.

It's good to have the confirmation that the layered design strategy I
used in creating those macros actually worked out. Thanks for the

> I'd like to comment about one of the difficulties I've run into when
> making the automatic documentation generation macros. In the protocol
> specs, there is a need for specifying the size of the different parts
> of a request or a reply. I can't think of any really good way of
> finding this out. I can think of at least one way that seems hackish.
> If you have any ideas, please speak up. :)

The observation that I'd make is this. Almost all types/requests in XCB
are composed of other XCB types (types produced by the STRUCT and XID
macros). The types that are left are, for example, CARD32. There's a
small number of these, so I'd suggest coding the size of these basic
types into the M4. You can build the sizes of everything else

And hey, if you could commit your version of PutImage to CVS, that'd be
great. You know, once the repository is actually usable again.
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