[Xcb] Andy's PutImage is good.

Jamey Sharp jamey@cs.pdx.edu
Wed, 26 Mar 2003 14:52:26 -0800

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Andy has committed a new version of XPutImage, and it appears to work
correctly with Gnome 'w'. GetImage is still missing, but we'll get
there. I'm kind of kicking myself, because Andy's code is so short that
I'm disappointed that I couldn't figure it out. He warns that it may not
work in all cases, though; I notice he removed all the byte-swapping
code, for instance.

As I recall, Gnome uses the I18N code in Xlib to set window titles,
which is the reason I remember for gw not setting its title. If that and
GetImage worked, I think we might find XCL supports gw perfectly (at
least when using the LD_PRELOAD method, which means some code may still
be executing from Xlib), and I think we wouldn't be far from supporting
all of Gnome.
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