[Xcb] authentication code fixes

Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 12:44:10 -0800

I don't recall whether I ever made XDM-AUTH-1 work or not.
I thought I did, but I may be wrong.  Bug me to look around
for bits when I have more time in a week or so.


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> I could have sworn we fixed this already... XCB was hanging in read()
> when authentication failed, and on my box at least it was always failing
> unless I used 'xhost +local:'. I've committed a fix so it doesn't hang,
> and determined that XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 seems to be broken. Though
> MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 seems to work, so for the moment I've just disabled
> the other. Use 'cvs update -APd', as usual, if you want to make sure you
> have the latest code.
> Anyone want to try fixing XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1? The bug is probably
> somewhere at the end of lib/XCB/xcb_conn.m4. You should be able to
> reproduce it by uncommenting the XA1 stuff in the authtypes and
> authtypelens arrays and recompiling. You may want to look at the xauth
> command too.
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