[Xcb] XCL works for mozilla + acroread/flash plugins, xine, xlsatoms

Jamey Sharp jamey@minilop.net
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 22:06:01 -0800

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Two small fixes and one big one make important stuff work. I've tested
xine, xlsatoms, and Mozilla with the acroread and Flash plugins, and
they work. Yay!

I feel a little silly for getting excited about having an environment
that everyone else takes for granted. Anyway, new version of my Xlib
patch at http://freedesktop.org/~jamey/X11-xcb-2.patch . Make sure your
XCB sources are up to date too.

First, I fixed parsing of DISPLAY to not clobber its input. This bug
caused a second connection open in Xine to fail because DISPLAY became
"". It may have been part of Mozilla's problem too, but I think the
second bug was the one I was seeing.

I fixed error handling in _XReply in XCL. XCB will hand back either an
error or a reply for a given sequence number as long as you give it
someplace to stick the error. I just had to add a couple of lines to
make _XReply take advantage of that and call _XError as appropriate.
Apparently mozilla was making some request that returned an error, but
it was an error that Xlib ignored. Then I got this fix wrong twice, but
now that it returns 0 if _XError (or _XIOError, just in case) returns, I
think it's right. This affected xlsatoms too, which works now.

Finally, the big fix. XCB uses writev where appropriate now. Previously
it just gave up if you tried to write any single request bigger than its
output buffer, which I'd set at 256kB so it would be as big as any
single request. I had debugging code to make XCB abort() if this
assumption was violated, 'cause I knew I'd have to fix it eventually.
Then along comes Xlib with its support for BIG-REQUESTS... :-) So I did
some testing with a 256 byte output buffer, and things look good.

Net result: I just updated the XCBToDo topic at fd.o using a Mozilla
running on top of XCB and re-read my Freenix XCL slides in .pdf format,
and earlier today I enjoyed a few Strongbad E-mail flash cartoons in the
same manner.
Jamey Sharp <jamey@minilop.net> - http://minilop.net/

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