Bart Massey bart@cs.pdx.edu
Wed, 05 Nov 2003 23:03:36 -0800

I checked in XCB patches to do XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1.  They
seem to work, and don't add any new library dependencies to
XCB.  (Do people mind the existing library dependency on
libXau?  It would be removable, with some work, if it was
causing folks grief.  Otherwise, it's probably there
forever.  Speak now, or...)

In implementing this, I added the source of the EAY-based
DES implementation of libXdmcp/Wraphelp.c to XCB.  I am
currently relying on the representation of an expert that
this is legal to export from the US.  The DES implementation
also adds 6.6KB to the size of XCB!  Clearly need to find a
DES implementation with a better size/speed tradeoff to make
this worthwhile: fortunately I'm sure there's one around.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

   Bart Massey

(BTW, what do we need to do to get freedesktop.org to MX
properly, so that I quit mis-sending e-mail? :-)