[Xcb] XCL works on Solaris 2.9 on Sparc in Netscape 4 + acroread

Jamey Sharp jamey@cs.pdx.edu
Thu, 6 Nov 2003 20:58:59 -0800

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So I've validated the endianness correctness of XCB during connection
setup and for small parts of the rest of its code. (XCL doesn't exercise
much of XCB yet.) It's also interesting to use Netscape 4 as a test
case - Motif should be a bit of a stress test, right? - but it Just

So I have write access to the xlibs repository now, where I plan to
commit some minor general fixes to the build system, then make a branch
of X11 and commit my changes there. Look for all future work on XCL in
that CVS tree.

I figure now I'll leave the xlibs list alone until XCL works reliably
enough that I'm not running Xlib at all any more. :-) In the meantime,
I'd love to have any and all X hackers participating in XCB discussion
over on the xcb@pdx.freedesktop.org list.=20

Many thanks to those who've contributed excellent observations so far,
by the way. It would have taken me rather longer than seven days to
implement XCL without your help.
Jamey Sharp <jamey@minilop.net> - http://minilop.net/

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