[Xcb] list moved to freedesktop.org

Jamey Sharp jamey@minilop.net
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 19:09:05 -0700

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At this point, xcb*@*cs.pdx.edu should be forwarding to the new XCB list
at freedesktop.org, and everyone who was subscribed there should be
subscribed here too, hopefully with the same options you had set before.
I've combined the archived mails from both old lists and removed all the
spam, and Keith stuck the result up on the new list site (thanks!). To
limit spam, this new list is set to moderate posts from non-subscribers.=20

Now just CVS remains to be moved. I'm thinking I'll just autotool and
pkgconfig it quickly, reorganize the source trees appropriately, and put
the result up at freedesktop.org.
Jamey Sharp <jamey@minilop.net> - http://minilop.net/

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